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I've been diagnosed with short-sightedness (myopia) since I was around 9 years old and I started wearing spectacles when I was 12. I was the only in my family that is short sighted and having to wear glasses was a really troublesome thing! I wished I had taken good care of my eyes because without glasses, I can't see clearly and had to rely on them the moment I wake up in the morning. As none of my family members are diagnosed with short-sightedness, I guess I have to blame it on the bad habits I had. My mom would often remind me not to read or use the computer in the dark but I didn't care and now I have to deal with the consequences.

As someone who really loves to swim, what I really dislike the most is not being able to see clearly under the water. As wearing contact lenses is not advisable to do so during swimming, I would just have to swim without clear vision.

At several occasions, I would accidentally break my glasses into half due to carelessness and I've to spend a sum of money getting another pair.

I've always considered doing Lasik but having to make this decision was a really hard one because it is something concerning our eyes.

I was given the opportunity to go for an evaluation and I felt excited and nervous at the same time!

My first trip to the LASIK clinic at Paragon @ level 13 for consultation went pretty well! The evaluation took about 4 hours as it was a thorough and detailed one. After my consult with the doctor, I felt more relieved and in safe hands and I was really thankful that I am suitable for refractive procedure!

ReLEx Smile, the procedure that I will be going through is a new bladeless, flapless, and micro incision refractive eye procedure that corrects visual problems including short-sightedness & astigmatism.

ReLEx Smile latest technology, alternative to Lasik reduces your dependency on spectacles and contact lens in improving your quality of life


The day that I went for my LASIK surgery! Ben was there with me too! It is recommended that you have someone with you so they can accompany you back after the surgery.

The nurse going through with me on the things I have to note before the surgery!

ReLEx® SMILE is a single-step, all-in-one laser procedure that takes about 10 minutes to perform on one eye. 

The entire ReLEx® SMILE is performed with gentle, low suction such that vision is preserved with no “black out” phenomenon, unlike other laser refractive procedures.

The surgery was so fast and before I know it, the surgery was already done! In general, the experience of ReLEx Smile is relatively painless.

Eye drops, lid wipes and eye shield was also provided to protect your eyes after the surgery!

I was back at the clinic one day after my LASIK surgery for my review with the doctor!

I was told most patients will experience good visual improvement one-day post surgery. Full visual potential can be expected in the next 3 to 6 months, depending on individuals.

Hello to clear vision!

Travelling for me now is really hassle free and convenient! I don't have to worry about the hassle of glasses and contact lens anymore!

Thank you ReLEx SMILE for this life changing opportunity!

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