Yoon Salon Reviews: Invest In Your Hair

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They say "Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off". 

As someone who is actually suffering from hair loss and thinning at this age (I'm 29), I get really excited when I get to know services that can help improve the look and condition of my scalp. Other than having a shampoo that works for you, cutting and styling can also elevate your looks and your self-confidence. (Not forgetting your diet that may be a big factor as well)

Why is a regular cut important? 
Do you know that it is recommended to get a trim once every two to three months? Why? Because it will help prevent unhealthy, damaged, and flat looking ‘do. For someone like me who is suffering from thinning hair, it can also help to look thicker when finer ends are being trimmed off.


Therefore, finding the right salon is important as nobody wants to have a bad salon trim at the end of the day as it ruins the mood! Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Thinking of trying out something new? Maybe a new style or colour? With stylists who have years of expertise, YOON is sure to cement themselves as one of the top salons in our tiny island.

YOON Salon Who?

With 3 outlets in Singapore, they are located centrally at Havelock II, Midpoint Orchard and Queensway.

The professional team of stylists will customise and provide treatments based on individual needs. If you want to combat your troubling issues and attain your desired goals, you might just want to check out this place!

By using only top-notch and gentle products, be prepared to get pampered by their team of stylists. 

“Very affordable & exceptional service! Thanks to their quality products, my hair has never felt dry despite the amount of hair colour done. Very satisfied!”
~ Amanda Liu, 23

"Hair wash very refreshing, feel like all my scalp dirt and oil are removed"
~ Victor Lim, 31


Reading reviews like this shows a lot about this salon. Other than taking good care of you, they also offer a range of services! Leave it to their professionals and get expert advices and tips!
Hair Defrizzing Treatment

Whether it is to defrizz, repair, strengthen, smoothen or gloss up your tresses, the hair defrizzing treatment at YOON promises to improve the condition to your heart’s desire. This salon will help you on your way to strong and silky locks.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Damaged scalp caused by the humid weather can result in signs of dandruff and hair loss. Other issues you may face include excess sebum, dryness, volume loss, or sensitive scalp. Their purifying exfoliation and massage treatment can help to rejuvenate your scalp through and achieve a healthy hair volume.

Premium Colouring

Retouch your roots, cover your greying locks, or get a one-tone refresh with professional colouring. Having a wide range of colours to choose from, you can expect a vibrant colour service which is also promised to protect, fortify and uplift your tresses.

Premium Creative Hair Colouring

Expanding from classic colouring techniques, they also provide techniques like highlights, balayage or ombre as well as multiple colours in a single look. You can expect intense, vivid colours that have a long lasting effect, thanks to their salon dyes.

Premium Bleaching

Bleaching may harm your scalp if it isn't done properly. Well-formulated and gentle on your tresses, their expert colourist will recommend one of these three bleaching solutions from L’Oréal, Jolen or Wella. The way they do it is effective and long-lasting. It also seals the colour and smoothes out your mane.

Premium Perming

Japanese, Korean, Classic, you name it. With so many types of perming and curling available, you will be spoilt for choice. Their stylists are skilled in minimising the damage perming may cause due to the harsh chemicals. After the perming is done, an oxidation lotion will be applied to strengthen your tresses again.

Premium Rebonding

Depending on your natural strand texture and look you want to achieve, their team will guide you to pick the right style for you. It can be straight, or soft rebonding. Using salon-grade solutions and equipment, be sure to achieve a smooth, curtain-like texture that will stay for a long time.

Premium Creative Shaping

Take it the next step with Volume Rebonding styles like S-Curl or C-Curl. By applying a rebonding and perming blended style, achieve your desired look that is professional and stylish. Not forgetting it be made easier to manage everyday!

Premium Cut

Going back to basics, this salon provides haircuts for any length, as well as trimming for fringe. Bring your kids along for their own cut. By using highly precise cutting techniques, the styles are bespoke to each individual to complement your facial structure and shape.

Premium Wash And Blow

Last but not least, the classic Wash and Blow is one of my favourite thing when I visit a salon, especially when it is complemented with a good massage. Removing dirt and excess oil, their wash and blow can make my locks achieve more volume and a smoother, more refined look. Plus, they end off with professional styling so I walk out looking good.


Few salons do promise premium deliveries and if you are looking at a premium spot in Singapore, why not give this place a try? What I really like about it is the quality products that they use. Even better? We can try those quality products at an affordable price of only $28 for the first appointment if we sign up online at their website.

Can't wait to get your tresses pampered? Head over to their website to find out more! 

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