Year 2007. Back to School.

5:16 PM

Year 2007 and it's back to school. School changed ALOTT. i mean as in not the facilities but other stuffs. school uniform changed, pe tee changed and we can wear any shoes we like for school { coloured or whatever } and also what wear black polo tee on friday. i think we sec 4s dun give a damn to it. Alot of teacher left Regent sec and there were also new teachers. Hmm, Ms tan never teach our class maths le instead is Mdm valerie chew ? =/ the new teacher. LOL. english teacher also change. ALOT teacher changed. TIMETABLE =.= now the timetable its like one week same, the other week different and one period is 1hr instead of 35mins le. which is like so zzz and the latest day of the week is 3.30 in the afternoon. YAWNS ! and next wednesday to friday there will be camp for EVERYONE IN REGENT. if i'm not wrong. =x all level right ? =D teachers have been coming into class and say : '' no time already, study study study ! '' and the school gave us CAMP ?! i mean like this is more wasting time lar =.= anyways heard alot ppl going to pon the camp. our school is like such a mess now =.= i saw lots of primary school ppl. LOL. i mean like those sec 1s. they wear their primary school uniform cause our new uniform
isn't for sale yet. =/ well, soon there will be 'O' level ! =/ i mean like its super fast lar =.=

TODAY !! ZZZ $w#$#%&$*^%&)(*)_)*^^e$@@!~@!#%^%$&^ hmm, in the morning i found out that one of my lens is lost so i go open a new pair. =.= i only used it for like a few days. LOL =D took 300 bus and the bus broke down. what a day =/ waited for another bus to come and came to school with SALINA =D

reached school and our class, 4/6 LOL. was the only class whereby we were held back by Ms Merduwati. She say our class never sing national anthem so she wants us to sing again. she stand infront of one ppl then another then another to hear who is singing. she stand so close =.= so i sang with my not so nice voice =/ and when she say pick up our bags and go back to class, i was like so happy then pick up and wanna go back to class then she point to me and ask me to follow her. Guowei also. She say my hair very the =.= aiya she say what i TWIST and TURN my hair. then she like want send me and Guowei home BUTTTTTTT she never. She ask me go toilet go flatten my hair then i go FLATTEN lor =.= WAH ITS LIKE SO CUTE WHEN I FLATTEN =D hahaa. i've got a FAT FACEEE =D and she say my side burn too long ask me go cut in the toilet then i go cut myself in the toilet with Guowei. Guowei has to cut his fringe. =) my hair is like so what le. but not as bad as that time when i was in sec3 whereby a plaster has to follow me wherever i go. Me and Guowei were held back by 50mins. we missed the chem test anyways my hair was as usual when Merduwati was out of my sight. WHAT A NICE DAY I HAD =D

after school, went to lot one with YEWAIK, CHRIS, WENJUN and JINGYUAN. we go eat AJISEN. =D and eat until so long that we missed the DEATHNOTE 2 by around 20mins. =/ anyways the show is super nice can. xD my new desktop will be arriving tmr if nothing goes wrong =D

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CHAR: hey =.= ya u are the 1st one to tag me. CHRIS: today we RAMEN. lols. HUIJUN: =D haha. JASMINE: haahaa. thanks for tagging. the money next time then give me. JIDAN: lol. ty and deathnote so nice ! =D WENJUN: nice right. i love amazing race. =DD JOEL: whose the weird man la. =.= TAYXINGWEI: haha. thanks thanks :D MABEL: haha. thanks for tagging! happy new year too ! LOL. chat with u sometime. MICHSU: will relink u asap. =D PEILIN: haha. what thing cool ? =.= ty for taggin =D

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