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PhillipCapital - Fulfil your aspiration

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I've known Yvonne for about 7 to 8 years since poly days and we were both doing design back then. Being a motion graphics designer is not the usual career choice for peers of my age but I'm really glad to have her by my side as she has been very supportive in whatever I do.

As we embark on the next phase of our life, we come across the topic on investing as Yvonne wishes to achieve financial freedom in the near future.

We are pretty clueless about investment but I was really excited when PhillipCapital contacted. I really want to invest in this friendship by helping Yvonne fulfil her aspiration. Hence we went down to PhillipCapital to know more about their Share Builders Plan and how it can potentially kick-start her investment journey! I'm really happy that PhillipCapital wants to invest in what matters to us!

Share Builders Plan (SBP) is a regular fixed dollar amount investment plan, which enables you to buy shares on a consistent and incremental basis so as to build up a portfolio of securities for yourself eventually. Therefore, you do not need a huge amount of funds to invest in stock market since Share Builders Plan presents an opportunity for you to invest in stock market to buy odd lots at a reduced cost.

By investing a fixed amount of funds consistently every month over a period of time, your average cost of shares purchased will generally be lower than the average price of the shares over the same period of time. This is possible since with the same amount of funds, you will buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.

This investment method is known as dollar-cost-averaging, and it is especially useful in hedging against market volatility. With such a disciplined and consistent method, you will eventually build up a portfolio of stocks at a lower averaged cost. Click here ( to find out more about the Share Builders Plan.


PhillipCapital is sponsoring both Yvonne and I some seed fundings under their Share Builders Plan. This plan gives us the convenience of investing a fixed and small amount of fund consistently over a period of time. I felt that this is a good product for anyone who wishes to build up his or her portfolio via the concept of regular savings.

Yvonne getting to know more about the Share Builders Plan!

I was really surprised and excited when PhillipCapital contacted me and making this happen for me and my best friend.


PhillipCapital is celebrating their 40th Anniversary and they might just contact and help fulfil those who shared their aspiration on the campaign website (

It can be your aspiration to invest in your family, friendship, career, financial instruments etc.

Finally, you will received a surprise in your email inbox after sharing your aspiration on the website which can be used to:

1) offset charges or commission fees if they you choose to start investing with PhillipCapital
2) let it continue to be invested under their Phillip Money Market Fund.


Check out my story with my best friend Yvonne in this video too:

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

East Java: Kawah Ijen, Mount Bromo

Having not been to any hiking trips before, I got an opportunity to travel to East Java, Indonesia for 5D4N. This trip was made happened thanks to Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia and Nuffnang SG!

Did my check in and found out that I'll be taking the business class with Garuda Indonesia! Really excited because it was my first time taking business class!

Garuda Indonesia has won "World's Best Cabin Crew" for consecutive 2 years!

Yay to huge leg room space for a good stretch!

With the cabin crew!

Photo credits: Purple Light Visuals


Throughout this whole trip, Kawah Ijen and Mount Bromo was definitely two of the best places to go to for the amazing view and experience.

Kawah Ijen is highly recommended to mountain buffs and hikers. The magnificent turquoise sulphur lake of Kawah Ijen lies at 2148m above sea level and is surrounded by the volcanos sheer crater walls.

Wake up call was at 12.30am for our hike to Kawah Ijen so I only had a few hours to rest! I must say the hike up to Kawah Ijen and down the crater was really really tiring. It took us about 1.5hours (3km) to reach the top of the Kawah Ijen but it's not done yet.. We still have to go down the crater which the road was rocky and slippery! Please remember to bring a torch light as it is really dark and it can get quite scary haha!

The blue fire! (Photo Credits: Sheila)

Stunning view


Definitely one of the most beautiful scene I've witness over at Mount Bromo while waiting for the sun rise.

The wait was really torturous because it was so freezing cold! (This wouldn't happen if you are well prepared so don't be like me.) I underestimated the temperature up at Bromo so I actually only wore a layer of sweater with a jacket. I highly recommend you to bring a scarf/mask and gloves to prevent yourself from the cold temperature. My nose was runny and literally dripping while waiting for the sun rise. Not forgetting heat packs!

At 2392 meters tall, Mount Bromo is not among the tallest of Indonesia's mountains but its stunning beauty lies in its incredible setting.

Really love this view! The feeling is really surreal when you are there!

Going to take the jeep to the foot of Mount Bromo for a horseback ride!

It's really sandy so a face mask would be really useful!


My pony!

Photo credits: Purple Light Visuals


A photo with our jeep!

Teletubbies hill!

Jump shot at Whispering sands!

Really love all the beautiful landscapes :)


If you are interested in this trip as well, Garuda Indonesia has come up with a promotion for you guys!

Special promo price: SGD 350 (all inclusive)

Booking period: From now till 31 Oct 15

Travel period: From now till Mar 16

Destinations featured: Departure: Singapore - Denpasar (Bali) – Banyuwangi
Return: Surabaya – Singapore

Booking details: Tickets are available for purchase at Garuda ticketing office (101 Thomson Road #12-03 United Square) or via the reservation hotline 6250 2888.

Promo code: Please quote ‘GANuffnang’ when booking

In addition to the flight promo, you can contact Trisno from Diorama Travel Management, for Land Tours.


ACE Insurance Promotion

For this trip, I was covered by ACE Insurance! 

Visit website and you shall automatically enjoy the discount. Currently this promo is available till 11th October!

Mechanics: 20% off Single Trip Plan (Not applicable to Basic Plan for Malaysia/Batam/Bintan) or 10% off Annual Plan

For ACE Insurance, medical claims in Singapore is valid for 31 days provided medical treatment is sought overseas :)


I must say I really enjoyed myself during this trip and it has been an awesome experience. I'm glad that I agreed on coming to this trip because I don't think I will plan any hiking trip myself. I've made many new friends and all the places we've been to are definitely worth the time and effort spent haha!

Thank you so much to Garuda Indonesia and Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia (#WonderfulIndonesia) and Nuffnang SG for planning this whole trip and making it happen! :)

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Room Tour

New #BenRanAway video!

We finally uploaded a new #BenRanAway video after a long time! We will be also featuring our new window blinds from ONNA which more details will be in the video below!

Subscribe to us if you haven't! :) 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Face of Man: Man Skincare

Face of Man is Singapore’s first ever man skincare centre and I'm really glad I get to try out their treatment over at their clinic!

Face of Man has been around since 1992 and they provide skincare treatment of the highest standard using the latest technology and customized products for the tropics. They specializes in acne treatment, anti-aging, scar resurfacing and blemish removal.

I was really excited because my skin condition hasn't been the best lately and I really hope to see improvement with their team of experienced and certified therapists!

They have 4 different outlets at Orchard, East Coast, City Hall and Ang Mo Kio!

Some of their skincare products which I'm using now!

Some of their machines. Every technology solutions are carefully studied, tested, documented!

Can't wait for my treatment!

With my friendly therapist! Really enjoyed the treatment there as the staff were all really nice and helpful!

This is the first step which is the Microdermabrasion! Haven't experienced this before because it is using Diamond peel to remove dead skin cells! 

It is a non invasive skin resurfacing procedure that uses a vacuum tube to hole the skin in full contact with its rim that is laced with diamond bits. The outer skin is exfoliated and collected by the vacuum. 

Treatment for moderate to severe acne condition!

I also did the Dynamic Pulse Light for acne clearance. I was told that the Skin Remodelling System (SRS) repairs our skin with collagen and anti aging, hydration and pigmentation! 

Eye treatment for my dark eye circles which I really like!

Done with my treatment! I guess what I really like about Face of Man is that they just specialise in male skincare which their focus is only on efficacy and visible results for men who want forthright solutions! 

They have a lot of procedure which I still can't recall but I will note it down the next visit and show it to you guys!

Follow this page for more updates as I will be posting the progress for my treatment here! It's been good so far!

Do visit their website or call them to book an appointment if you are interested! :)



Address: Lucky Plaza #06-40
Telephone: 67327577

Address: Roxy Square 2 #02-83
Telephone: 63453323

Address: The Adelphi #04-30
Telephone: 63396636

Address: 728 AMK Ave 6 #01-4214
Telephone: 64560900

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