Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BenRanAway Videos

Some of the #BenRanAway videos uploaded to our youtube channel this month!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Acne Scars - The Clifford Clinic

Recently, I've visited The Clifford Clinic to seek help for my acne scars. I actually do have some depressed scars from my outbreak previously and some really deep ones from chicken pox when I was much younger.

Some of treatments they provide.

I had a consultation with Dr Gerard Ee previously and after accessing my condition, he suggested that I should go for the Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment, which is also called the Infini. This is a 3-Dimensional volumization for skin tightening and scar remodeling.

Look at the many micro-needles! This is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastic tissue with no potential thermal damage to the skin. I actually have to apply numbing cream before this treatment starts so do take note if you have really low tolerance for pain haha! 

Check out the redness on my face! Dr Ee told me for my case, my skin is looking pretty good from the treatment! The downtime for me to recover was actually just a few days for the scabs and redness to go away.

Because of the deep scar beside my eye (due to chicken pox), this is the best treatment for it. The depth of treatment can be up to 3.5mm deep, and it has the added advantage of lifting the face, making you look younger. This treatment will also provide significant improvements to the skin.

This Infini treatment will eventually heal even the most severe scars in most cases depending on individual's condition.

Thank you Dr Gerard Ee for being so meticulous!

As this treatment takes several times to achieve the best results, I will be posting more of the after photos after the next session with The Clifford Clinic!

Do call them and make an appointment at 6532 2400 if you are facing the same issue as me. :)


The Clifford Clinic

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

Tel: 6532 2400

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Commonly Mispronounced Words

Had lots of fun filming this #BenRanAway video with our family members! Here's all of us challenging some of the commonly mispronounced words! 

Sunday, April 03, 2016

BenRanAway Giveaway

Have you joined our giveaway at our #BenRanAway channel yet? 

Thank you everyone for all the support and love for BenRanAway over the years. Both Ben and I are really thankful and we decided to do a giveaway! This giveaway is international and do check out the video below for more details!



Sunday, March 27, 2016

Face of Man - $28 Skincare Trial

Face of Man has come up with this $28 Skincare Trial for all first time customers! This is not only for the guys because they welcome female customers as well! 

Their treatment includes Extraction, Ampoule Serum and Mask! 

Call them now to book an appointment at 63396636 if you are interested! (The outlet I always visit is the one at City Hall, The Adelphi) 



Address: Lucky Plaza #06-40
Telephone: 67327577

Address: Roxy Square 2 #02-83
Telephone: 63453323

Address: The Adelphi #04-30
Telephone: 63396636

Address: 728 AMK Ave 6 #01-4214
Telephone: 64560900

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shanghai Trip

This year started out great because of #BenRanAwayToShanghai!


Watch our #BenRanAwayToShanghai vlog below!

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Man Skincare Products

View all my skincare journey posts with Face of Man here

I've been visiting Face of Man for quite some time now and I can really see improvement on my skin condition! Anyway, Face of Man is Singapore’s first ever man skincare centre so you can safely say they are really good with Men skincare.

They specializes in acne treatment, anti-aging, scar resurfacing and blemish removal.

For those who are interested in my skincare routine, here are some of the products I'm using from Face of Man!

1. Purifying Cleanser

It cleanses the skin perfectly in the gentlest possible way, without drying and irritating. Skin will appear more youthful and the complexion becomes more radiant.

2. Purifying Toner

Formulated with botanical extracts to sooth and tighten pores, eliminates bacteria and provide a protective mantle, leaving the skin radiant!

3. Eye Revitalizer 

Triple action soothing gel provides anti-wrinkle, firming and diminishing effects around the oscular region. Oil free.

4. Hydrating Booster
(I recommend this a lot!!)

A burst of water for thirsty complexions, this super serum hydrates by delivering moisture, conditioners and nutrients to the skin. Skin is invigorated and visibly revitalised with increase plumpness, softness and radiance.

5. Reviving Serum

Strengthen skin cells against premature photo-ageing, reduces scar marks and encourages cell renewal.

6. Exfoliative Scrub

Contains micronised abradants and cleaning properties to exfoliate dead cells and remove excess oil. Ideal for comedogenic and uneven skin.


What I really like about their products is that they are all water based which is not oily at all.

They even provide travel packs! 

Can't wait to go back for a treatment to get all ready for Chinese New Year! 

Do visit their website or call them to book an appointment if you are interested cause I really recommend Face of Man! :)



Address: Lucky Plaza #06-40
Telephone: 67327577

Address: Roxy Square 2 #02-83
Telephone: 63453323

Address: The Adelphi #04-30
Telephone: 63396636

Address: 728 AMK Ave 6 #01-4214
Telephone: 64560900

Sunday, January 17, 2016

BenRanAway - Crystal & Yiding

This fan art of Crystal and Yiding is just too cute! Thank you guys for all the support for #BenRanAway!


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Monday, January 04, 2016

Self-serving Kiosks

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As we all grow older, it becomes really difficult to meet up with all our friends as everyone is busy with their stuff. Not long ago, I asked my friend, Jessie out for a simple dinner to catch up with our lives and we went over to McDonald's at JEM!

What I noticed when we reached there was these few self-serving kiosks! You can get to order food yourself which is really convenient! I was pretty excited as I haven't used one of these self-serve kiosk before so it's gonna be my first time!

In the beginning, I was kinda unsure if I know how to operate the kiosks but it was actually really user-friendly.

There are actually many people who are using these kiosks to place order for their food! For those who had already used the kiosk before, you should know how convenient and great it is!

This is technology is quite similar to those waiter who uses tablet to take your order at other F&B outlets!

Really like how high tech these kiosks looks!

Create your own burger! We actually get to choose and customise the buns, patty and toppings we want! It was quite fun to try as there are plenty got choices to choose from!

Jessie gonna build her dream burger haha! It's pretty easy to use and not forgetting the friendly staff is there to assist you if you have any problems.

My turn to make an order! Other than customising your own burger, you can also order the available existing menu as well!

Me and Jessie making our final orders! What I really like is I can get my food ordered correctly and faster when I'm with a large group of friends! Just imagine all your friends queuing up to place their order over at the counter as compared to ordering via the kiosks. This saves up a lot of time and greatly enhanced the overall dining experience!!

If you are taking of how to make the payment, it's really simple! You can either choose to pay cash at the counter or pay with your card/NETS!

Payment done! Grab a seat with the buzzer and wait for your meal be to serve to you! How convenient can it be?

The buzzer! Do display this on the table so they can locate you!

Our meals are here!

Jessie with her customised burger!

There is no doubt that in today’s world, technology is an important part of our lives and has a huge impact on the way we communicate, live, and work. This self-serve kiosk is definitely one of the pros of technology. I can foresee this technology is here to stay and many more F&B outlets will be carrying this type of service soon!

Cheers to this efficient innovation!

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