Monday, March 16, 2015

CNY Food Challenge!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Philip Kingsley Review

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Hey guys! I’ve been asked a few times on my social media platforms regarding my hair thin/loss treatment at Philip Kingsley and I’m here to update you guys on my progress!

Did a review with Leonica, the founder of Philip Kingsley Singapore and it has already been about 3 months since I started my first treatment! I can actually start to see some baby hair growing out on the “balding” areas. I was told that in 6 to 9 months time, I will be able to see visible results! I can’t wait! :D


I've been using their Shampoo everyday and my scalp is no longer oily and flaky. My scalp used to be itchy whenever I don't wash my hair but my condition really improved a lot.

I've also been taking vitamins for my hair! 

Hope this can strengthen my hair haha!


Back to my regular treatments at Philip Kingsley! Do click on the link above to read my previous visit to Philip Kingsley!

Btw, Philip Kingsley is located at Palais Renaissance, beside Orchard Towers.

Rain applying the intensive scalp treatment cream!

Haha my favourite steamer!

Infrared light to improve the blood circulation!

After my wash, I was also introduced to this new treatment. This massage is really good as I think it better stimulates the growth of the hair.

This is how the machine looks like!


Do leave a comment if you would like to know more about Philip Kingsley treatment, I would love to tell you guys more about it!

Do call them and book an appointment if you are interested.


390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel: 6834 0988

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bean Boozled Challenge

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Visit to IDS Clinic

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So before Chinese New Year, IDS Clinic has arranged a session for me to go back for their Hydro Therapeutics Treatment! I've actually blogged about this on my previous entry when I went back to IDS Clinic! You can click the above link to view all my entries on IDS Clinic! :)

My nose is red because my black heads were removed!

My skin is much brighter now! :)

Can't wait to go back for a laser treatment to get rid of my acne scars :(


Quite a few of you guys and my personal friends have been asking me if IDS Clinic is good, I can only say my facial condition is slowly improving cause this takes time.

If you are contemplating, you can book an appointment for a consultation!

This is just gonna be a short entry and I will blog more when I try out the other treatments!

Thanks for reading!


IDS Clinic
8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Center
#05-07 to 10
Singapore 307470

Tel: 6568 3555

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

So we both tried the Korean Spicy Noodle and it was really spicy lol.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Little Christmas! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Graduation Family Photoshoot - Joyous Asia

I've officially graduated from my degree course! - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Communication.

Thinking back, I ORD-ed from the army in August 2013 and had my convocation on September 2014. Time really flies!

I'm glad I made a group of close friends from my degree course and also get to travel all the way to England! Best trip ever!

Coincidentally, me and my brother Ben graduated in the same year! I hope our parents are happy that both of us finished our degrees!


Both Ben and I decided to have our graduation family photos taken with my parents and grandparents! We had our family photos taken over at Joyous Asia!

Joyous Asia is located at One Sims Lane!

The backdrop for our photoshoot!

Grandma helping grandpa to wear his blazer and getting ready! :)

Maternal grandparents!

My grandma from my father's side!


Check out the final photos taken!

One photo with the family!

With my maternal grandparents!

With my paternal grandmother!

I love how all my grandparents looked so good in the photos! I really hope they are happy with the photos! :)

Our Family Portrait is 20R and the other 4 photos are 8R portrait on wooden board.


If you are wondering where to take your family portrait, you can definitely consider Joyous Asia. Joyous Asia is the only studio in Singapore that allows their client to each choose their best face to be digitally edited into one family portrait!

Their prices for the family portrait are pretty reasonable too!

For our followers, do quote TypicalBen/Randy and get $50 off your family portraits!

I know that every children wants to do this for their parents and I'm sure the parents will feel proud for their kids! :)

I would want to thank Joyous Asia for the great photoshoot experience over at the studio and also providing us with the photos!



One Sims Lane,
No. 1 Sims Lane, #04-04
Singapore 387355

Phone: +65 68447142

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Philip Kingsley Singapore

If you've been noticing from my tweets, I've been visiting Philip Kingsley lately for my hair treatment! I'm actually suffering from hair thinning and hair loss at this age (I'm 23 btw). Personally, I think it is quite severe and I'm very excited because I get to do my treatment over at Philip Kingsley!

So for those who are suffering from the same issue or those who want to prevent hair thin/hair loss, do follow this page as I'll be updating frequently on my progress with Philip Kingsley! :)


Philip Kingsley is located at Palais Renaissance! For those who are not sure where the place is, it is just beside Orchard Towers!

Go up to level 3 and you can see Philip Kingsley!

The lady on the poster is Dr Leonica Kei! Philip Kingsley was launched by her and she is a highly qualified hair trichologist. I've also speaked to Dr Leonica on my condition and she was really keen in helping me! :)

The area where we do our hair treatment!


One of the trichologist, Rain is applying a cream that helps to stimulate blood circulation, deep cleansing and exfoliate the scalp. My scalp has this cool minty feel which I really like haha!

Steamer! Check out the cool smoke! ;)

After the steaming, I had a head massage and was put under this Infrared light to improve the blood circulation to better absorb the nutrients.

Still amazed by how this infrared light looks lol.

Shampoo time!

Scalp Tonic and Scalp Lotion was applied to my hair after the whole treatment. Had my hair blown dry and that was about it for the first session!

(L-R) Shampoo, Scalp Tonic and the Scalp Lotion. 

I've to apply the Scalp Tonic and Scalp Lotion respectively after shampoo and not forgetting to towel dry my hair before doing so.


This was taken on my second session for my treatment! I'm actually enjoying my hair treatment so far although there is no visible progress of hair growth yet (because it will take about 3-6 months to see the results). The staff here was really nice to me especially Emily and Rain! 

Do follow me on my progress with Philip Kingsley! You can call them and make an appointment if you are interested as well.


390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel: 6834 0988

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

IDS Clinic: Hydro Therapeutics Treatment

Went back to IDS Clinic some time back and I get to try out their Hydro Therapeutics Treatment which I really like! Personally, I don't think my skin condition is considered good yet and I hope to go for regular treatments so I can see the improvements! For you guys who are keen to know more, you can follow me on my journey with IDS Clinic! :)

Hydro Therapeutics is a 4 Step Treatment!

The first step is cleansing and also taking off the dead cells off the top layer of the skin with the IDS scrub!

All done! 

Check out the Hydrafacial equipment!

Using Ultrasound, the skin scrubber removes the white heads and black heads! I've serious issue with my black heads!

Removing those stubborn black heads!

Ending with penetration of multi-vitamins and whitening serum for enhanced results! Not forgetting the mask to enhance glow and radiance for overall results!

I enjoyed the treatment a lot! Recently my skin condition went really bad again due to sleeping late and stress from work lol. Will be visiting IDS Clinic soon to get my skin treated! 

Book an appointment with IDS Clinic if you are interested in the treatment! 


IDS Clinic
8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Center
#05-07 to 10
Singapore 307470

Tel: 6568 3555

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