Friday, July 03, 2015

Scalp Technology Singapore

When I was young I used to grow chicken pox and ended up having scars on my face. One of the scar that I had was on the side of my head which causes a spot where hair couldn't grow in that area!

Looks bad isn't it!

Sometime back in April, I got to go over to Scalp Technology Singapore where they helped me with the scar camouflage! 

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the leading cosmetic solution to male hair loss which involves the application of natural organic pigments to the dermal layer of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles in a short-cropped, buzzed hairstyle, and it can be used in Alopecia | Scars | and Thinning Hair. A variety of different styles are achievable, ranging from a clean-shaven look to a closely clipped zero, 0.5, number 1, or number 2 cut. The length of any remaining hair depends on the extent of your hair loss, your balding pattern and the particular look and style you’d like to achieve.

SMP is a process, not a procedure, typically achieved in under 3 treatment sessions!

With Francis, the founder of Scalp Technology Singapore.

Check out the difference! Francis told me that this is typically a two stage process. The first layer is normally redundant (or less obvious) in the skin, and the second treatment serves to build a higher value contrast by adding additional layers to the base color.

As scar tissue reacts differently to un-wounded skin, it takes a skilled technician to determine how the scar tissue will react during SMP treatment. I was also told that it is unrealistic to expect 100% concealment of the scar, and the aim is to camouflage it and making it less obvious.

With Francis! Thank you for the scar camouflage! Can't wait to go back for my touch-up session!

Visit their website below to know more about SMP!


428 River Valley Road
#02-10 Loft @ Nathan
Singapore 248

Tel: 6402 0976


Monday, June 22, 2015

JFM - Just For Men Skincare

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Skincare is a really important routine and I'm actually someone who is very lazy to put skincare products on my face. The less products to put on my face, the better haha! Recently, I get to try out Just For Men Skincare series which they believe in bringing you the best men skincare with the least hassle.

JFM (Just For Men) focus of men's grooming with the correct skincare products.

Their featured products which I got to try them out!

The brand that they carry is the BOSOD Range of Skincare! In case you are wondering, the brand is brought in from Korea.

I will be reviewing the products in the later part of the entry :)


As for visual purposes, I will be applying the products on my hand to show you guys how they look like.

One Kill Cleansing: Facial Cleanser (Removing waste on skin + Moisturizing + Sebum control)

The creamy texture and fine foam would be prefect for cleansing clogged pores.


Bye Bye Mr.Sebum (Sebum control + Astringent + Whitening, Anti-wrinkle)

This adds vitality to skin by whitening and anti-wrinkle functions

Those are are looking at moisturise and improving skin elasticity should use this!


Turbo Booster Skin Night (Soothing Skin + Relief Skin Stress + Anti-Wrinkle)

This soothe Fatigue Skin & Relief Stressed Skin! I think I need this a lot since everyone is saying that I look tired all the time haha.

Use this after facial cleansing and apply it over the face and neck!


Waterful Lotion (Skin Elasticity + Moisturizing + Skin Smoothness)

Waterful Lotion keeps the Skin Soft and Supple with Hydrating Formula and it is suitable for all skin type!


Energy Power Cream (Supply Nutrients + Skin Moisture Barrier + Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle)

The solution for Skin Dryness! It's a one moisturiser that solves all your concerns (Skin dryness, blemishes, sensitive and irritation)


Feel So Good Sun Gel (Providing enriched moisture + Smooth finish + Triple functions)

I remember someone telling me putting on sun screen is very important but I do not have the habit of doing so.

This sun gel doesn't only protect you from UV but also Whitening and Anti-wrinkle too!


Multi-Action BB (Anti-Blemish + Sebum Control + Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle/Sun Protection)

This is not a must but if you are someone who wants to improve your overall appearance and look presentable, you can try this Multi-Action BB Cream! It improves Skin Tone & texture by covering wrinkles and pores!


I'm currently using the products and everything is fine at the moment! The products also have a nice smell too! The products they carry are stringently vetted to ensure that they do not contain any harmful substances which seems to be pretty safe!

Anyway, do visit JFM website to know more about their products if you are interested! They are also having special promotions at their website which you can head over to check them out!



Contact: +65 9689 1381

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NDP Funpack 2015

NDP is just around the corner and I am really excited about it! This year is really special because Singapore is turning 50. Can't wait because I'm really lucky to be the first few to check out what is inside this year's NDP funpack!

Being a part and helping out in NDP for 2 years during my army days really brings back awesome memories!

This is one of the 50 designs! Being a designer myself, having your work on the NDP funpack is definitely a dream haha!

Unveiling what is inside! :)

All the items inside the Funpack!

One of the really special items is definitely the Singa Lion!

There are a total of 15 different designs of the Singa Lion and the full set of the figurines can be purchased at The Kindness Gallery (140 Hill Street #01- 09 Singapore 179369) from July onwards!

All proceeds of the sale will go to the Singapore Kindness Movement’s Seed Kindness Fund. Do check them out if you are interested :)

All the childhood snacks and games we used to play! 

Not forgetting our national flag!

This year, there are a SG Funpack and also a NDP Funpack. Both funpacks contains a slight difference of items.

SG Funpack:

Sustenance items - Newater
Publication items - Replica of Proclamation of Singapore, NDP Poster (programmes during the Jubilee Weekend)
Interactive items - LED Balloon Maraca, Miniature Flag, Face Tattoo
Miscellaneous items - Detergent, Instant Cereal

NDP Funpack:

Sustenance items - Newater, Mineral water, Bread chips, Bread, Biscuits, Sweets
Interactive items - LED Balloon Maraca (Star-shaped), Miniature Flag, Face Tattoo, SG Scarf, Foldable Fan, Truckers Cap
Miscellaneous items - Disposal Bag, Poncho, Wet Tissue, Dry Tissue
Publication items - Show Pamphlet, Souvenir Booklet, Discount Booklet


There is also a postcard event too which is writing a "Birthday Wish for Singapore"!

These postcards call for Singaporeans to remember and reflect on what they are thankful for, and to pen their well-wishes for Singapore. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, these cards have also been distributed to all Primary 5 students in Singapore. Collected cards will then be used by students from the National University of Singapore to build a birthday cake float structure that will be displayed at the Marina Bay area during the Jubilee Weekend. The birthday cake float structure will incorporate an EZ-link card donation mechanism, which allows the public to tap their EZ-link card on the structure to make a donation. All proceeds will go towards Community Chest.

Seems like so many things is happening this year and I can't wait! :) 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bak Chor Mee in the West

Bak Chor Mee (肉脞面) - also known as minced meat noodles.

Recently, one of me and Ben's friend told us that her parents opened up a stall in the west selling Bak Chor Mee and we went down to support her parents! 

They sell Chicken Feet Noodle as well! Haven't get to try that yet though!

Looks really good isn't it? My favourite is definitely the meat balls! 

What I really like is their homemade chilli! Their portion is just nice as well as compared to other hawker stalls where sometimes they give too little minced meat. 

Anyway, do head down if you are looking for some good Bak Chor Mee! 

Keat Hong Shopping Centre (Level 2)
253 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hair Loss Treatment - Philip Kingsley Singapore

Read all my entries on Philip Kingsley here!

Hello! Recently I went for my Lasik Surgery so I wasn't able to update much but now I'm back! I was quite busy with work lately and didn't go back to Philip Kingsley for my hair treatment but I can't wait to go back!

This was taken the previous time I went for my treatment!

Do read all the previous entries if you are interested! Click on the link above to read more!

Other than going back for my treatment, I've been taking the vitamins regularly which are supposed to strengthen my hair. I also applied scalp lotion to my hair every night before I sleep! Since my scalp condition is healthy now, the scalp lotion that I'm using is at level 5 which is the strongest!

A few of my friends and some of you from my social media have been asking me if this really works, I've to say my scalp condition improved and I can see some baby hair growing out. But all this are based on individuals so if you are interested you can call Philip Kingsley to consult with them.

This aside, I really enjoyed having my hair treatment at Philip Kingsley. After all these sessions with them, I gotten closer to all the staff over there. I'm really thankful for them for taking care of my hair! Thank you Leonica, Emily, Rain and Aisha!

I really can't wait for my hair loss/thin condition to improve and show you guys the difference!
Do call and book an appointment with them if you are interested!


390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel: 6834 0988

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother of mine. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you like this cute pretzel haha! 

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day with Oral-B Power Brush!

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Mother's Day is just around the corner! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around the world! 

Speaking of Mother's Day, I can still remember what I got for my mom in the past years. I've gotten her a pair of earrings before, bags etc. and the list goes on haha! 

I'm moving away from all the typical gifts like jewellery, vouchers or even flowers! So I've decided to get my mom something different this year!

I haven't gotten her something like this before so I'm pretty excited to see how she reacts!

It's the Oral B Power Toothbrush - Professional Care 3000!


I guess she liked it haha!

There are 3 different Brush Heads which I will talk about it later! :) 

When I was young, I always pester my mom to get me an electronic toothbrush because I find it really cool but I realised she never get to try one before! 

They say "Nothing you wear is more important than your smile". This is the perfect gift for our moms to take care and protect their teeth! Yay to nicer smiles!


Oral B Power Toothbrush - Professional Care 3000 (D20 3 Mode)

Here are some of the features:

• 3D Technology: Oscillating / Rotating + Pulsating
• 8,800 Oscillations Per Minute
• 40,000 Pulsations Per Minute
• Visual Pressure Sensor help reduce brushing force
• 3 Brushing Modes – Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish

Easy to use, not complicated at all! 

What I really like about this is that it has the pressure indicator, sometimes we tend to apply too much pressure which can hurt our gums thus causing it to bleed. The professional timer is useful as well because by using this power toothbrush, all we need is just 2 minutes of brushing! 

One of the brush head is the 3D white brush head! It is a special polishing cup which whitens teeth by removing surface stains! Wow! 

Not forgetting it has 5x Better Cleaning vs. Manual Brush! It has a 2 minutes Timer with pressure sensor! This reduces significantly more plaque!

Take a look at the brush head! It has up to 48,800 unique oscillating / Rotating + Pulsating movements per minute compared to 600 for regular manual brushing!


Still thinking of what to get for your mom? Other than bringing your mom out for a good dinner, why not get something useful too instead of other accessories which does't last?


Save up to 50% on selected models of Oral B Power Toothbrush on Qoo10! Exclusive promo is valid from 1st May 2015!

Check them out here:

I guess it's gonna be the perfect gift combination for our moms!


Hope you liked it mummy! :D

Who doesn't want a healthy smile? :) 

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