A Short Post.

1:14 PM

Haha. Hellloooo all. I'll be updating my blog SOOON with pics.

will be..

  1. Changing blog skin
  2. Cut my hair tmr =O
  3. Go Night safari with SurvivorLAMERS tmr!! :DDDDDDD

Have to cut hair lar. Don't really want history to repeat itself.

and you! thanks for being rude and not even bother to apologize AND making it as if its my FAULTEH ! thank you story maker.

TEH WEN JUN : UPDATE FOR YOU TO SEE LA. and i'll try to go home with you somemtimes okay. =D our timing also not very right so sometimes i cant make it. i still love you my butty! :D

thankyou people for tagging also. :D

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