That hard question :D

11:26 PM

Hey guys, sorry. This will be a short update without pictures. Recently was really busy with my DNT 'O' level stuffs. Now that i had finally finished my DNT artefact, i must move on to the folio. The folio & artefact both have to be handed up on next MONDAY ! :(

anyways, i'll post up my DNT 'O' level artefact picture in the next post.

All right, that difficult question. I'm going to ask in this post!

People involved : Me, Ahpek & Ahsoh.

I borrowed $50 from Ahpek and $50 from Ahsoh, Which means now i have $100. I went to buy a shoe which cost $97 and i'm left with $3. I then gave $1 to Ahpek and i still owe him $49. I then also return $1 to Ahsoh and I also owe her $49. The reminding $1 i kept it. NOW, if you add the money that i owe Ahpek & Ahsoh $49 + $49 = $98. & the $1 that i kept. The total is $98 + $1 = $99. Where has the another $1 gone ?

I don't know the answer! If you know please email your answer to & i will reveal your answer if its right asap.

If you have no idea, tag at the tagboard and say you do not know. AHAHA ! :D
This shows you're as dumb as me. ahaha !

Okay, i shall go now. I shall do the thanking part in the next post. :D

anyways, thanks ar! to my huan zhu ge ge. :D

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