I don't know what to blog about...

1:26 AM


well, saw the title? okayyyyy, how about some random photos?

I don't remember when we took this picture but quite nice right?

During valentines day..

went out with them and exchange presents! :)
OHOH! also went to watch P/s: I Love You.

Me and Qihui!

The brothers! :D

After that some of my friends came and join us to eat! :D

All of us! :D does this look like Chinese new year or Valentines day?! AHAHA.

A random outing..

Went to do some of my stuffs in the morning and after that met Hayati. I'm happy cause i bought myself a cap at Heeren! :D After that went to West coast park.

The sea breeze is nice! :D :D

Me and Hayati spent quite a long time there taking photos and eating. We almost miss Survivor at 11pm! so we took cab from Lot 1 to my home to watch Survivor! :D

Overall, I'm happy! and yay, got a new job already! :D

before i go, i want to show everyone my talent. LOLOL.

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