Chalet at Pasir ris! :)

4:46 AM

*Warning! Long post! :D

Hello everyone! As mentioned from the previous post, THE UPDATE ON THE CHALET! Muahaha, seriously sorry as I'm really dead tired to update lah. :(


Okay! Lets start! The day before the chalet which is on the 31st March. Hayati came over to my house to stayover as both of us need to prepare some stuffs for the chalet. We were actually preparing for the celebration of birthday for Qihui and Qiuyan. :)

Had quite alot of fun as my brother also join us in my room! We were like having party like that. Muahaha! We also asked my mummy to join us to take some photos! :D :D

Those pink hats were actually for the chalet.

After that! Hayati helped me to tie my hair! Muahahaha!

Yeah, What the hell! :P

She tied for my brother also! -_______-

Some random balloon pictures!

So we played and played and time passes so fast lah! -_____- so I went to bathe and Hayati and my bro wants to go to our nearby 7 eleven as they were hungry! My bro asked Zhenjun along too!


The stuffs we bought! :)

Zhenjun, Hayati, Bro and me at the bus stop opposite my house. LOL. super random!

and I slept very late that day, I think its around 6am.

CHALET DAY ONE (1st April)..

Met up with everyone and set off to Pasir Ris! :D

Waited for the shuttle bus at don't know where.

Qihui and ME!

My bestfriends :)

All of us!

We waited for very long and finally....

The shuttle bus came!

We've reached Pasir ris Costa Sands!

After checking in, all of us went to Cheers to buy some snacks and drinks!


We went to beach after that!

Wahlau, dirty beach!

See! Its like we can find a pair of underwear there anytime lah.


Hayati, Zibing and Me then secretly sneaked back to the chalet to do up the decorations for the celebration! :)

Them blowing the balloons!

Me pasting the words on the wall. SEE, I so short also must do this kind of things! :(


Bday Girl and Boy!

:D :D

Typical thing to do at chalet but its fun!

So everyone went to bathe and SLEEP. ZZZ

CHALET DAY TWO (2nd April)..

Bestfriends! :)

Ordered MAC DELIVERY! and I'm serious! All of us were so lazy to get out of bed.

Qiuyan went home after that and Qihui's poly friend Man Ling came and join us for cycling! :D

We also went to climb the '' don't know what '' =X and I was the first to reach the top okay! PRO RIGHT! :D LOL

They so lousy! I waited for like 3 hours on top for them! MUAHAHAHA! okay not funny....


Hayati was stucked and couldn't come down! MUAHAHA! *evil* after that she just jumped down from the top and she is safe, don't worry. :)

Had KFC for dinner. You might be thinking.. WAH, WHOLE DAY EAT FAST FOOD. Yah lor! We never go book BBQ pit is because its very troublesome!

Bathe alr and the others went to play cards and I used Qihui's laptop to watch my favourite Taiwan variety show!

Junhong and Jiazhi went home after that at night and the chalet only left with 4 people! :)

CHALET DAY THREE (3rd April)..

Woke up very late and we were actually late for checking out! Muahaha. Went home after that to find my mummy, daddy and korkor! LOL.

Okay! Well, don't really know when will be the next outing with my secondary school friends man! Cause I guess I'll be pretty busy with Poly life. Talking about Poly life, the Orientation for my course was not bad! In fact, it was quite fun! :D made quite a number of new friends. :)

Okay, I shall end my post here! Its 4.46am now! :D Take care all! Bye!

& I love my Bestbuddy WenJun! :D

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