Youth Aids Blogger Forum Event!

5:55 AM

Hello everyone! Look at the time now! Can't believe I'm blogging at this time. My bro and Hayati is still up too! :) Cause Hayati stayed over at my house. Wahaha!

Anyways, I was invited for the Nuffnang Event which Nuffnang is with in conjunction with the Health Promotion Boardis hosting its first formal blogger forum about AIDS.
Its held on last saturday on the 29th March at Cineleisure! As I could bring one guest along, I bought Hayati along!

Went to the event with my bro and Angie together with me and Hayati.

All the bloggers! :D

Firstly, all of us were invited for the short movie clip regarding aids.

The clip was touching!

After the movie clip, there were this photo exhibition thing.

We were then lead to the Preview Lounge where Bloggers could have their opinions flow freely together with the HPB. :)

After that were refreshments to end the event.

Hayati and me.

Ben bro!


Was not feeling well at the event so didn't really took photos! Anyways, thanks to Sophia and my bro for some of the photos! :) thanks!

Well, its really a good experience for me to go to this event! Learnt pretty much about AIDS and stuff. Anyways, at the end of the event.. I really think that we should accept people with HIV/AIDS. More information about that you could check out Health Promotion Board Website at Everyone, lets go for a HIV test!

I think I did something crazy at the event cause I pasted the the sticker on Huiwen's shirt. I thought the HIV game was to paste at people's back but actually is paste at the back of the paper! OMG


Thanks Ming, Scott, Huiwen and of course Nuffnang for the invite! :)

The below poem is put forward from Health Promotion Board.
“ Why do you see me through tinted glasses? It breaks my heart into a million pieces. The day I knew I was positive, all people around me turned negative.
Some of you think that I deserve it, and so in your society I no longer fit. But just like you I did not know, so now my tears abundantly flow.
I had faith in my partner, that he loved me and none other. But the truth was revealed; that one mistake and my fate’s been sealed.
Please don’t look at me through tinted glasses, support me as I pick up my life’s broken pieces.

My head is getting more and more painful! What the hell, its like 6am in the morning!

Anyways, I'll be off for Chalet at Pasir ris for 3 days 2 Night. 1st to the 3rd of April. When I'm back, will blog about the chalet!

Hayati fell asleep already! Going to chalet with her tmr with the others!

Bye! See you guys! :D :D

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