I'm sorry! :(

6:40 PM

Hello everyone! :P okay, I KNOW I KNOW. It's been very long since I've updated but.. I CURRENTLY HAVE LIKE 8 ASSIGNMENTS ON HAND WHICH IS NEEDED TO BE HANDED UP TOMORROW OKAY!

I'm very sorry!

I guess this post would have lots and lots of random photos taken with my poly classmates!

Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design Year 1 students 2008! :D
Spot me! I'm directly at the center. LOL.

This 2 pictures above are taken by Yixin's DSLR. Nice right, I'm just helping her to fly the paper plane!

Recetly we had this painting assignment and Zac suddenly came and told me that he want to draw on my hand and I told him I want a nude sexy lady. MUAHAHAA.

He is really good at drawing this. LOL.

Close up!

Me, Zac and Joscelyn with our 'tattoo'! :D

Taken on a random Thursday.

Me and my KPP Sharifah inside the female toilet. AHAHA. Don't ask why i went there. :P

Some random photos from photobooth

Me and Hazel.

'Kiap' my ipod shuffle on my sexy lips!

She is afraid of me. :(

Later we went to try out photoshoot outside our class but I'm just gonna put up Mine and Hazel's cause if i put the rest I think this post would be flooded with hundreds of pictures already. haha!

Firstly, we're trying the typical EMO photoshoot.

And we don't think it suits us so we decided to try out the Crazy and funny style.

AND LAST FRIDAY, OUR TABLE CLIQUE CAME UP WITH THIS THEME OF 'RAINBOW' & Each one of us must wear one colour of the rainbow! :D








How cool can we get?! Haha!

More random pics..

Me wearing Daphne's student card and she wearing mine :P

Yixin and Me! :D Considered the tallest girl and guy in the class *guilty*

How about ending this super duper random post with all my pictures LOL


Lick my sexy toes. I know someone wants to. :x

-Fell off the chair after blogging-

My course is so intensive that I couldn't imagine! :(
Thank you for reading although I haven't been updating very often BUT I WILL TRY. HAHA. LOVE YOU ALL *MUACKS*

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