Just this for new year

1:17 AM

Hello everyone!

Basically on the 31st December, me and my secondary school friends planned to meet up again!

On that day, Jessie, Sean & I had school because we were all from NYP and we met the others after that.

We went to like Marina Square and headed to Pizza Hut.

After that we gave Jessie a surprise because we wanted to like celebrate her belated birthday.

The lights were all dimmed and they started playing the Happy birthday song!

and she don't know what is going on..

Jessie: Eh, whose song? Yours ah? *talking to Hayati*


This is Jessie!

Me, Qihui & Hayati

Fad, Jessie and Sean

After that we just went anywhere we could and here are some random shots. 

This was at the Library

Hayati & Fad

Sean, Jessie and me

Qihui, me and Sean decided to imitate MOTHER F (Fad)!


My hair! :P

Sean and me! The gay nerd :P 

After that Hayati, Qihui and me went over to Hayati's friend BBQ and we countdown over there. Didn't really took any pictures there. Hahaha.

Anyway, hope we could have a chalet for all of us this coming holidays which is during March! okay okay? 


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