Holidays, so what?

2:40 AM

Holidays is here for 2 weeks! 

Great! Finally can sleep for all I want!! :D

Show you guys some photos we took in studio! Just some random photobooth photos. LOL

Me with my fringe up! 

With Yvonne

Siyang and Guixin. Look at my tongue, can you do that a not?!! Hahaha

Don't you guys think that my updates are only on school related stuffs? I find it really boring leh but I've nothing much to update on cause I don't really have life besides school. :( 


Anyway, there was this day whereby our lecturers brought us to this exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. It is on Christian Lacroix, a fashion and costume designer. 

Don't really want to elaborate on it hahaha. Show you guys pictures better right?! :D

Some of the costumes which I really like...

Nice right! 

This is also really niceeeeeeee! 

Performance for Secondary school students! 

Unfair man, why never perform for us poly students? Find us too old is it?!! 

and some of the photos we took there,

Peggy, me and Qh. I look like some retarded child of theirs standing in the middle.

All of us! :D

Quality is kinda bad cause we aren't suppose to use flash when taking photos there..


After the exhibition, some of us went over to Just Acia to have our dinner.

Its cheap lah! and there is even free flow of drinks and cheapo Ice creams!!


Me, Guixin and Yiling then went over to town and slacked inside TCC since none of us wanted to go back home. 

We stayed there till around 11pm+ and went home cause we still have school the next day.

Guixin and Yiling!


They took this shot of my shirt. Hahaha, it says ''Glutton by nature"

Really had fun that day with them after so long cause its the only day we could relaxed and not worrying about school projects and stuff! Arghhhhhhhhh. 


Oh yah, and the last day of school I went over to meet Hayati & Helmi and we ton over at Macdonalds till morning! :D

and this is a random screen shot of me and Hayati webcamming yesterday midnight!


Suddenly saw this picture that I took in school during Studio project 2 and I find it funny lah. Hahahaha

Oh man, and I kinda miss my bro...

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