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Yes!! Holidays are finally here! I'll be consistently updating this space now! *I hope*

I somehow feel that I still have a lot of things to do this holidays. I don't know why but I just have this weird feeling!

But before that, heres an advertorial first..



Have you guys heard about the new INQmobile?

Cellphone maker INQ Mobile is launching two new low-cost cellphones optimized for social networking applications to give mobile subscribers alternatives to more expensive smartphones.

The box is so nice!

People nowadays including me, we tend to get online everywhere we go and because of this, here are some features that I really like about INQmobile!!

- All your messages delivered to the same inbox: Your text and picture messages are delivered to your inbox, so why not your Facebook, Messenger and Skype messages too? INQ¹ brings all your messages together, along with your email.

- All your web and mobile contacts in one place: All your contacts in one place! INQ¹ help you keep up with friends on Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype, just like you do by phone and text. INQ¹ knows which services your friends use, and makes it easy for you to contact them.

- All your email pushed to you: immediate access to all your email. INQ¹ supports most web based email services, including Hotmail, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail all at one place, you don't have to go to different places to check your mail now!

And yes, all these includes getting to Twitter, Facebook because integrated many of the most popular Web services onto their handsets to give consumers a smartphone-like experience!!!!!


Anyway, there is a contest going on now whereby you could stand to win $100 cash and $100 shopping voucher at the 10 blogs. To know more about how to win, you could visit their blogs and the links to these 10 blogs can be found at

Hurry and good luck! :D

Lastly if you still want to find out more about INQmobile, you can visit their website @


Okay, going off to work now!


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