Watsons You Awards!

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Watsons You Awards is back for the 3rd time now and I'm going to guide you on how to look perfect so that you could ace the competition!

I'm going to head to Watsons!


As you guys know, Watsons You Awards is all about individuality and attractiveness...

So... here are 8 categories for you guys to participate in! They are..

- Healthy Hair
- Friendly Face (Male)
- Ageless Beauty
- Polished Perfection
- Flawless Face
- Sporty Physique
- V-Face
- Sunny Smiles

I'm going to trying out for some of the categories and give you all some tips! Just see how I do it!

Here I gooooooooo!

Using the roll on stick to roll away all the dark circles and eye bags for the Ageless Beauty category!

Remove your blackheads to look friendly enough for the Friendly Face category! (Haha why do I look so angry here!)

Not forgetting face masks to let you have flawless skin for the Flawless Face category!

Make your hair for the Healthy Hair category!

Just a random one! Mouth rinse for fresh breath cause your smile won't be as sunny if you have bad breath! So its a need for the Sunny Smiles category!


So you guys ready for the competition now?

Just submit a close-up photo and a full-body photo of yourself at www.watsons.com.sg!

Recruitment starts from now till 20th June 2010!

The grand winner for each category will walk away with $2,000 cash, 1-year
modelling contract with GLOW magazine and product hamper worth $300!

Join now!!

Remember! Being unique is the key to win!

and since Watsons You Awards is not a beauty contest but for individuality and personality expression.. Anyone can have a chance of winning! :)

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I'm ready! Are you?!

* Do note that you guys do not need to purchase products from relevant sponsor to enter the contest.

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