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Do you guys still remember an entry I posted last year on CREATE2010, the creators of tomorrow? You can read it here but thats not the main point cause its CREATE2011 now!

I attended the CREATE2011 Launch at The Cathay and there were lots of students there! The atmosphere was great too cause they were all so lively and youthful! Wish I could go there with my classmates too!

Muttons from 98.7fm were the host of this event!

Bloggers who were at the event too! Mae & her friend, Tammy, Jocelyn, Esther and me!

With the pretty ladies!

Everyone would receive this tube!

Past year's winners showing their work!


So yah, if you guys did read my entry last year.. You all should know who are the creators of tomorrow!

They are a group of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and independent thinkers, forged together by a common belief who tries to build a new world. In another way, to make the world better.

They believe that creativity and engineering are inseparable and thats why they created CREATE2011 once again which is a competition that challenges contestants to think of ways to improve the world using science and technology.


Anyway, when we were at the event.. All of us were given this tattoo card and let me show you guys what you can do with it!

Look at the blue tattoo card on the tube!

Firstly, go to their CREATE2011 website here..

Just paste the CREATE2011 tattoo on your palm and follow the instructions above! You'll be amazed!


So what are you guys waiting for? Join now!!!!

Personally I feel that you guys should join the Early bird registration and submissions which closes on 30 June! and and the Final Idea submissions which closes on 30 July 2010!

There are 2 categories you guys can register under! They are..

- Junior category (Students aged 13 to 16)
- Senior category (Students aged 17 to 19)

Means I could join too? Haha! I'm 19 this year!


Now comes the most awesome thing about CREATE2011 challenge!

Firstly, you get to experience something that other people wouldn't even get to try out in their lives!

Secondly, the great prizes!!!!! I'm really interested in this too!

Everyone getting excited already!

For this year, the prizes are sponsored by Nokia, in collaboration with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Science Centre! The prizes are valued more than SGD $20,000!

The awesome prizes:

These are really 'Once in a lifetime' prizes if you win!


Anyway, all of us ended our day with a movie screening of Shrek forever after in 3D!

So before I go, I'm going to say the same thing as last year..

Remember, change the way we live better for the world!

Good luck!

More for info, you could visit their website at

and for those who missed the event.. you can watch this video here!

*Photo credits: CREATE2011 Facebook page

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