The Next Big Thing!

7:09 PM


The next big thing? Not me, but its the Nokia X6!

Nokia now has its most powerful entertainment device! Why do I say so? Read along and you'll find out why!

Control your Entertainment & Social life!

From your homescreen, you can get direct access to Facebook, Ovi store and also the Nokia music store!

Direct to Facebook!

How about Twitter?! Fret not cause you can also tweet via an application which is Gravity!

Download games and applications through Ovi Store!

Unlimited access to million of tracks!

Yes! Enjoy unlimited access to million of tracks via the Nokia music store which stores 11,000 tracks on the device itself!

Not forgetting this phone comes with 32GB of on-board memory! Nice!

5 Megapixels camera!

Now you can be a photographer or even a movie director cause you get to shoot your photos and videos with the 5 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash!

Personally, I felt that the camera is a pleasure to use! Gotta thanks to its fast shutter speed cause I could just capture snapshots without having to wait around! The photos quality are really decent too!

High quality music and video viewing!

Enjoy high quality music and video viewing with large 3.2" widescreen!

The Nokia X6 is definitely worth a look for you music lovers out there!

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