Who doesn't like picnic?

3:36 AM

Had this super impromptu picnic at Marina barrage after I came back from Guangzhou for a few days...

We went over to Raffles link to get some food and cab over to barrage!

Our snacks and random stuffs!


Hazel posing!

Guixin! She brought lots of stuffs to play with!

Fixing the plane we all used to play when we were young...


Guixin's and mine!

Wear shades for what huh! Hahahaha


3 of us!

The weather was pretty hot but luckily theres wind that day uh.. Pity we didn't bring any kites along! Want to fly kite there again next time!

Brought my polaroid along which I bought from Guangzhou! Anyway, the polaroid I bought from GZ is quite cheap eh!

Love my new denim cap! ;)

Favourite photo!

Ending with us three! ;)


After that the sweaty and smelly us went to meet up with Jasmine & Qinghe for dinner...

Gotta go to bed! Blog soon! ;)

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