The Finale ; Fine dining

6:17 PM

When I was in genting about 2 months back, I received an e-mail from Guixin and Jasmine telling me that our group got into the Final 3 for a branding competition held by Wunderman.

You guys must have seen the video I've posted! You can see it here if you haven't!

We submitted not only the video but other branding stuffs as well.

So our group got in and another group from my FYP batch got in as well! Omg!

The night before the presentation, both girls came over to my house and we refined our work and head over to their office at 8am!

It was really scary cause they were the big bosses from all over the world!


After the presentation, the 6 of us went to have our lunch and chill over at some bar to wait till 6pm which was the results!

It was fine dining at some restaurant, can't remember the name though.

Anyway, photos are not really that clear cause the lighting was really bad!

You can see me tweeting!

Here are some of the awesome food!

Like this!

Their not really nice dessert!

So after the dinner, here comes the results...

and if you've been following my tweets, you should know our group got 3rd and Zak's group got 2nd! Quite disappointed though but it was really a great experience!

The point of time when he was going to announce the 3rd place, I already got this feeling its my group.


Group photos!

Zak, Dan and Jos!

Me, Jasmine and Guixin!

Bunny jie wahahahaha

All 6 of us from MGBD!



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