Slow down

8:10 PM

Yeah, time has got to slow down!

I can't believe its December already! It's like we're ending 2010! Way too fast! Can't even think of what I've accomplished this year.

Talking about time, I'm going for the NS Check-up tomorrow at 8am! To be honest, I'm really nervous and excited about this. Its like... I can finally graduate from my poly and yet have to go through National service for 2 years!

Yes 2 years!!! You know why? Cause I doubt I can pass my napfa!

I had this try out test for napfa last friday and I failed my standing broad jump and 2.4km run! Any tips for that?

Actually I had this question in my mind for a long time..

and that is whether should I pass my napfa or not?

Ok listen, this is how it goes..

Pass your napfa: 1 year and 10 months
Fail your napfa: 2 years

Obviously everyone wants to pass right? Unless you have nothing better to do or you don't have any loved ones waiting for you..

BUT the contradicting thing is.. as you know I am not someone who is really fit nor do I always exercise..

So if I pass, I think I will suffer in there cause I will be enlisting will all the fit guys!

Understand what I meant?

And if I fail, people says that it will be much slacker (don't know if its true) but its extra 2 months.. Which is obviously a lot of time.. SIXTY DAYS!

So... Should I try to pass or..?

Maybe I shouldn't even bother to consider cause I don't even think I got the hope to pass!

Zai Jian!

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