One of my NYR.

10:40 PM

So one of my new year's resolution this year 2011 is to stop wearing contact lenses till my eye recovers.

This eye problem occurred around last year's June I think. Every time when I wear my them, my contact lenses won't stay on my pupil! This is crazy cause it hurts so bad...

You know.. Everyone likes to look good so I kept continue wearing them till the last day of December 2010!

Everyday my eyes would be so bloody red (yah my eyes looked bloody!) and itchy! It itches so bad that I would rub my eyes till it became swollen!

My mum had been really upset about this and kept asking me to STOP wearing my contacts but I just wouldn't listen.. My friends asked me to stop too..

Now my eyes would be really red and itchy every night before I go to bed. When it is not red, my eyes looked yellowish! (Why is it like this? Really freaks me out!)

I'm kinda scared right now so I've decided to stop wearing my contact lenses.

You know the feeling of wanting to look good and yet having to suffer the pain/itchiness when your eyes hurt so bad cause you're wearing the contacts?

That is why there is this saying of the quote: 爱美不要命 (Beauty > Your life)

Okay, so I've decided to stop wearing contacts till my eye fully recovers! (I seriously hope it does if not I will have to suffer for the rest of my life?..)

I'll be going to see eye specialist soon too with my mum! I hope the doctor won't say that I can't wear contacts for life!

I know this is the most crazy thing I did cause our eyes is really important to us.

Imagine I go blind because of this...


But the thing is... I looked really bad with specs on..

Whatever lah! Bye!

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