For the love of music

5:36 AM

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Can I say that everyone out there enjoys music like I do? Who doesn't? Lets get real. Everyone loves music!

Everywhere you travel be it to work or to school, most of you would definitely have your music player with you! So what could restrain you from all the good music?

...The headphones!

So, I was invited to this Philips headphones sharing session a few weeks back and I got to try out one of their EarGear headphones!

Listening to the friendly staffs from Philips talking about their headphones!

For me! :)

Us taking out our headphones to try!

and mine is the SHL5500 which I liked a lot! I will tell you guys more about the headphone in a while!


Me with my headphone and my short hair! :)

So here are some of the things that EarGear SHL5500 has and that I really like about!

-- Steelspring headband!

It hugs your head securely while hardly adding any weight!

-- Soft leather ear cushions!

-- 40mm speaker drivers!

It gives you crystal clear sound & deep bass! Best of all, it has noise isolation for pure music!

-- Easy Storage & Carrying!

This headphone could fold flat and it is so convenient to keep it in your bag or bring it around!

-- Cable does not tangle! (My favourite from the headphone!!)

Look at the normal ear piece cable which always tangles and gave us lots of trouble!

and Philips headphone SHL5500 cable! It DOESN'T tangle!

Plus the cable is 1.2m long which is ideal for any outdoor use! :)

So what are you waiting for when you are able to enjoy and appreciate your music experience better with the Philips EarGear Headphones? :)



Simply leave a comment in less than 10 words telling me why do you deserve this headphone and leave your email together with it!

I will choose the lucky winner and you will receive the same model of Philips headphone that I am using!

Be creative & good luck! ;)

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