Hello Guangzhou!

2:49 AM

Finally here to update about the Guangzhou trip I went last year during Sept - Oct 2010!

Went over there for a month for some exchange programme!

This is going to be really brief cause I've over 1.8k of photos and I'm really lazy to sort it out.. ;)


Guixin, Jasmine and Siyang surprised me by coming down to send me off! ;)

My breakfast before I fly off!

On the plane!

At Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts..

I'm not going to show you guys the place I'm staying in cause the living condition is quite horrible!

At their school's canteen!

All of us with my half-closed eyes! We were having dim-sums! :)

At some museum!

''Preparig'' Hahaha!

Town area of Guangzhou!

We tried these! Fried scorpion!

Condom vending machine!

Went to take the boat to tour around as well!

and we had more dim-sums... Had it for breakfast most of the days because its really cheap in china!

With Sukkhwan! :)


On the 3rd week, some of us took train over to Hong Kong!!! :D

On the train!

With Kenneth & Guanwei at our hotel lobby!


Hahaha at that time H&M was not even opened in Singapore yet...

At HK!!!


I skipped a lot of things that happened during this one month trip because I'm really lazy!!! Hahahaha!

But its been a fun trip with the people I went with!

Taken at airport before going back SG..

Goodbye! ;)

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