Short Getaway!

11:03 PM

Happy Friday everyone! :)

So my family decided to have a short trip over to Malacca a week before I enlist to the army!

Checking into our hotel, Casa Del Rio!

iPod touch and BB!

Me and my bro's room!

Our room is quite big uh!


The Balcony!

View from our Balcony:

Me & Ben!

Preparing to head out!

Mom and dad in front of the hotel! :)


We then went over to queue for the lok lok to eat!

So many people!

Finally got in!

Actually the food is not very nice also... lol

The girl at the back is peeping at me WAHAHA ;)

Back to hotel!


Next day we went out to shop and eat again!


Had Mom and Dad's favourite korean food next..

Making me hungry already!

Guess what I saw there??!!!!


We then went over to Jonker street at night!

Mummy and dad with a lot of people squeezing behind them..

In the lift back to our room!

The top level of the hotel is just like MBS! Just that its a smaller version!

One of the shoot we took. I know I look like the elder brother hahahaha

Good night!


One last photo before we head back to SG!

Goodbye! Finally a proper blog entry after SOOOOOOOOOO long!

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