This is absurd.

8:45 PM

So as mentioned on the title of this entry... This is absurd.

I was randomly having a high fever on Sunday night at 38.4°C. So I went to sleep early as I will be having duty in camp early next morning and was also hoping my fever would subside.

I woke up in the morning with a temperature of 38.8°C and I have no choice but to still go back to camp for my duty cause its too last minute to change duty with the other NSFs. Took cab there and did my morning duty but my head was so heavy so I told one of my ma'am and she let off to visit the doctor.

Reached home and went to sleep awhile and my mom woke me up to bring me to the doctor and when I reached the clinic my temperature was already 39.8°C! Siao!!!!!

Don't remember having such a high temperature before! Lol! Was quite amused by it actually!

The funny thing is... I don't even know what caused the fever! Got so random one? Wondered if I did anything wrong... Like karma or something? Hmm...



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