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Yes! I'm talking to all of you who enjoys the Korean culture cause I'm sure most of you are!

I'm here to share with you guys something exciting!

For this upcoming month.. There is this show called "Bibap"! Basically this is a show which consist of Beatbox, action and also comedy!

Do you guys still remember the shows JUMP and BreakOut!?

Bibap is from the same production team behind these two which were 2 sold-out shows!!


Some background of this show:

This exciting show is based mainly on Korean’s popular dish ‘bibimbap’! This will engages all your senses and keeps you entertained throughout the evening.

This is bibimbap! If you are wondering what it is!

BIBAP is a non-verbal culinary comedy that displays the unconventional cooking skills of two highly talented chefs.

It is a stiff competition between the chefs as they compete to be the "TOP CHEF"!

Look at them! Their actions are hilarious! :D

For this show, each action is superbly executed through dynamic dance/kungfu moves.

Prepare to be shocked by the chefs as they b-boyed and beat-boxed out amazing dishes like the bibimbap!

Some of the things that I really like about in the show:




Kung fu moves!

Break dancing!

I really like this type of shows as it is not typical like any other musical shows! It is interesting as their concept is fresh so it sort of attracted me as this show combines different elements like dance, beat-box, singing and even cooking during the show!!

The thing that is way cool is that they actually uses kitchen utensils like KNIFES during the show while performing! Kinda exciting yet nerve wracking!

This is definitely the first performance to combine eating and entertainment on stage!


So are you tempted to get the tickets already? Hahaha! If you are not, let me tell you more!

What is different from this show is that it is interactive!

By interactive I mean the performers will interact with the audiences!

You get to play a part in determining who will be the TOP CHEF so the results of the competition is not fixed!!


Here are the details for the show!!!!!

Ticketing Information:

Date: 30 March to 1 April
Time: Fri (30 March), 8pm
Sat (31 March), 3pm & 8pm
Sun (1 Apr), 3pm
Venue: The Esplanade
Prices: $38, $50, $68, $80



Wooooo! Its another GIVEAWAY!!!!

Simply leave a comment telling me:

- Why do you want to watch Bibap?
- Your Email Address!

There will be 2 sets for giveaways!

I will choose the winners and the winners will get this awesome tote bag and a set of wooden spoon & chopsticks!

Remember to comment below and I will choose the 2 winner! Most creative win! :D

Good luck!


For more details on this show, you can visit their facebook page! There are clips to watch too! :)


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