I win already

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I'm definitely the last one to blog about NAPBAS!

Sorry I was really busy in army! So this entry is on Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 whereby we went over to KL for the award ceremony!


NAPBAS 2009: I put on my braces on the day of the award ceremony. My face was swollen!

NAPBAS 2011: I'm still in the army! I have to attend with my botak hair!



So we took coach over to KL and this is our hotel room!


Me and Ben bro!

Really like my pants!

Photo with Huiwen, our country manager and also Yina on the right! Huiwen is really pretty that day!

With Beatrice!

Esther and her striking red hair! Haha!

With Wendy (Xiaxue) and Cheesie! :)

NAPBAS 2011 is really grand this time!

Look at the nominees! Its so cool! Really love all the video intros for each category as well!

So after the award ceremony ended, me and my bro went back to the hotel cause we didn't go for the after party over at Zouk!

Lol we are trying to record videos! Finding the right position!

Used some of the lame footage for the teaser of our BenRanAway channel! If you guys still remember hahaha!

During midnight, Ben was hungry so we ordered this from the hotel!

Chicken cutlet! Making me hungry now..


So the next day... We took the coach to KLCC to shop!!


We went to quite a few places to shop and I tell you.. Its really good to go overseas with my elder brother! He really took good care of me! Although we kept quarreling hahaha!

At some random restaurant eating! Not nice one their nasi lemak!

So we stayed out till quite late and cabbed back to our hotel!


Back at the hotel, we went to book a flight back to Singapore LOL!!

I told Ben that I really don't want to waste time taking the coach back and he sort of agrees with me. Moreover I have to go back to camp the next morning!

So here we were at delifrance eating our breakfast while waiting for our flight at the airport!

Our air tickets!

On the plane! :D

Back to our mummy!


Ok I need to go bathe and take a nap! ;)


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