My Awesome 21st!

8:28 PM

So I officially turned... 21!

Mixed feelings as I feel that I'm already an adult and I should behave like one. Not that I'm acting like some insensible kid but just that who likes to grow up?

I celebrated my 21st Birthday last Saturday, 15 Sept! I actually wanted to celebrate like a day before my birthday but the hotel suites were all fully booked because it was the F1 Singapore Grand Prix period so I booked a week earlier!

You know I was quite kiasu.. I booked the suite like in March!!! Mainly because I was afraid that all the suites will not be available for booking prior to my birthday.

I had my birthday celebration at Marina Bay Sands!!! Booked the Sands Suite and it was really awesome!!! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks, very excited!)

The hotel suite costed like $1.8k++! I wanted to book at MBS because my Grandparents and dad didn't get the chance to stay in MBS before and moreover the suite is really huge as well! It's even bigger than my house!


So I took cab down to MBS with Shaoming and checked in at about 1pm! Shaoming is really the best! He was the only one who helped me to carry all my stuffs! :') Me is very touched cause he did a lot for me... Hahahahaha! Where to find this kind of friend?

MBS service was pretty good! My butler came over to the taxi stand and helped to move all my stuffs to their hotel luggage cart! Had my check-in inside my suite which was great!

Anyway, check out the suite! Didn't have much time to take photos when I got there.

Anyway, that's me on the right. I'm rushing out a video to be played during the party!

The Master bed room!

The posters that I designed ;)

Write wishes for me please?

The card I designed for people to write!

This is the awesome Shaoming btw.

My poly friends then came over at about 4pm+ to help me out with the decorations!

Yiling and Guixin pasting the polaroids!

Nice right!

One of the posters I printed!

Me after I changed and had my hair done!

"Not getting older, but getting better."


Yiling and me before all the other guests arrive.


It was super busy that day! I went up and down to fetch my friends and relatives because they can't access without the card! Everyone started coming from 7.30pm onwards and the party started!!!

I didn't manage to eat much though cause it was so hectic hahaha!

Talking about eating, the food that I ordered was good! Everyone was telling that they liked it! ;)

The food!!

There were fried rice, hawaiian pizza, crispy mid wings and sotong balls! I super like the hawaiian pizza! Don't know why it tasted so nice!

Eclairs and Custard puffs! The eclairs were really good lol.

The drinks were all in the bathtub! My idea not bad right? Hahaha!

My aunt Josephine brought a lot of chips and chocolates for the party! Yay! Thank you!

Cute sandwiches made by my another aunt Angelia! She made gummy candies with marshmallows as well but didn't managed to take a photo of it! :)

Me feeling lost. Hahahaha!


Check out the lovely cupcakes sponsored by CAK3BOX!

CAK3BOX's owner Jennis and her friendly staffs came down to help me with the table decorations!

Super pretty!!!! A lot of my friends told me that the cupcakes were too pretty to be eaten! Hahahaha! Everyone had to take photos of the cupcakes!

Tadah! All done! :') Nice right?

They even put on this cute flag "Happy 21st" for my cupcakes!

Anyway, the fresh cream cupcake tasted just nice as it's not too sweet! Check out the flavors: Red velvet with cream cheese frosting, Vanilla with blueberry jam and frosting & Chocolate with hazelnut frosting!


Me with the lovely cupcakes! Thank you Eve and Jennis from CAK3BOX for sponsoring the cupcakes for my birthday!!!

Visit CAK3BOX website here if you want to get them for your party or any events! I think it's really suitable!

Esther and Isaac taking photos of the cupcakes!


Me and my favorite poly clique!

Me and my aunt Josephine! Look what she got me for present!!!! ;) ;)

This is a special shout out to my dear brother who helped a lot during the party! He took a lot of photos for me! Thank you lah Typicalben!!!

Look who's on TV?

The girls in the karaoke room!

Too bright! Hahaha!


Thank you Rent A Polaroid for providing me with the camera and wide instax films for my birthday party!!


Thank you for the Birthday card! :D

I got to use the Instax 200 polaroid camera! I never get to try this model which uses wide films before so I was super excited!

I managed to take a photo with everyone! I really like the wide films omg! It's so nice compared to the normal card size instax!

Thank you Jezreel (super nice guy) from Rent A Polaroid for everything! :D

I really really like the wide film instaxs!

Do visit Rent A Polaroid's website if you are looking for rental of polaroid cameras! You can rent it for events like Birthday parties, anniversaries or even prom!

I will scan the other polaroids and post it up some other time! ;)

The rates are quite cheap! You can get the instax films or purchase polaroid cameras from there as well!

They are also at the midst of revamping their website! Do stay tuned to it! 



Super nice cake sponsored by The Patissier!

I really like the design! At the bottom there are 6 Rich Chocolate Mousse with chocolate sponge and smooth praline mousse and on the top there are 2 Smooth mango mousse with layers of vanilla sponge that was cut into 4 parts!

Check out the chocolate balls as well! The chocolate balls could be eaten btw!

They even made my name to be placed on the cake!

When the butler brought in the cake, everyone was like crowding it and taking photos! Thank you The Patissier! Everyone praised the creative cake you designed! :)

Really want to thank Esther from The Patissier for making this cake for me! She is super nice and kept considering the things I like when she was brainstorming and coming out with the cake design!

I actually got no idea of what I really want, I just told her I like the color yellow hahaha! When she sent me the draft sketch of the cake I already ask her to go ahead cause I was impressed!

You guys can go to The Patissier website to check out all the cakes! They have really nice customized cakes for you to choose from! Their service is really good too!

By the way, the cake was delicious! Especially the smooth layer of mousse that simply melted in my mouth, and left me wanting for more! Hahaha!

Thank you very much Esther and The Patissier team!!!! Much love!!! ♡

Check the cake out at all the group photos below!

Huixian, Jayne and Ben thinking where to place the candles! Hahahaha!

I had no idea why I was perspiring..


I think about 80 people came for my party! ;)

My cute cousins!

Making wishes!

Happy Birthday to me!


Group Photos!

Mom, Dad and Ben!

Grandparents and relatives from my mom's side!

Grandma and relatives from my dad's side!

Yvonne ;)

Edwin and Huiwen! Primary School best friends!

Secondary school friends. I actually miss this bunch the most!

Fingers!!! I know them since I was young!

Poly friends!

MediaCorp colleagues!

BMT mates!

G1 Army!

Isaac and Esther!

My 2 meinu blog managers from NuffNang! Huixian and Jayne!


Look at the cards! Drawn by my MediaCorp friends! Super nice!

With the girls who gave me a birthday card with their lipstick kiss marks on it! So cute!

Me and Ben after the party!

Thank you everyone for the presents! :D

Anyway, I just realized I got like 1,500 of photos to choose from so I decided to post the others up on Facebook! ;)

Thank you everyone for coming to my 21st Birthday Celebration! Really enjoyed myself and this is the first time I had a party like this and the planning part was quite stressful. Didn't really have much time to plan cause I'm always in camp. Thankfully everything went well and I'm really happy!!!!!

Also thank to my family and friends who helped out! Really grateful!


Signing off,
Adult Randy. Hahahahahaha...

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  1. Datrice Pang11:08 PM

    Wow! I think your party was really pretty! Was your hotel room facing the CBD/City Hall area? How was the view??

    1. My suite was facing the floating platform! :)

  2. Nathalie Carmen11:09 PM

    Hi Randy, I chanced upon your blog and I must say that your birthday party was very impressive! Singapore's MBS hotel looks classy and spacious. Did you design all the decorations yourself? Must be hard work!

    1. Hello! Yup I did all the designs myself! Thanks a lot! :)

  3. Candice Chan11:09 PM

    Randy you're so cute!!!

  4. QuickBrownFox11:09 PM

    Happy belated birthday :D

  5. Passer11:10 PM

    Maybe you can make the birthday photos visible to everyone on your facebook?

  6. Happy birthday! The suite look v nice! Where you got the balloons from?

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    randy is so handsome!!! ♥♥♥♥

  8. Very nice. Happy Birthday!
    Could i ask which suite is this? The exact name of the suite since they have different suites. This looks pretty big and spacious!

  9. Happy belated birthday :D !

    I like the part where you write " Signing off,
    Adult Randy. Hahahahahaha... " LoL

  10. Hello . May I ask where did you get your food catered from ???

  11. Would love to be a part of it :D

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hello, can I ask right.. U have 80 pax in the room, mbs allow so many people in the suite?

    1. For me it's okay so I think it should be fine! :)

  13. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hi Randy, I also booked sands suite for my birthday after looking through your photos! Just wanna ask you some qns.... does the table with cloth you used for your birthday cake already in the hotel or do you have bring it yourself? And is there really a karaoke room in?

    1. Hi! I requested the table for my birthday cake. As for the karaoke room, it doesn't have like those microphones etc for you to sing. It's just another space for you to chill at :)

    2. Anonymous1:05 AM

      Do you request it from the hotel? I saw there were non-disposable cutlery so was just curious where you got them from.... Hotel too? The food you brought it was from external caterer or the hotel? I am having a hard time trying to think of a way to bring in the food from outside... juz wondering how you did that?

    3. Yup, requested it from the hotel. The disposable cutlery was from the food caterer which was external.

      Hope this helps. :)

  14. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Hi Randy, may i know what camera are u using? Photos were bright and sharp! NICE!!!! (: Anyway Happy belated 21st..

    1. Thank you! There are various of cameras used during that day. Mostly DSLRs but I'm not sure what models.

      As for mine, it's Sony Nex-5.

  15. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Hi Randy! May I know how did you managed to bring in so many people into the suite? Because I'll be holding my 21st birthday at MBS too and I'm actually quite worried about this. Would appreciate your help! Thank you! :)

    1. Hello!

      I just brought my guests in. Should be fine! Don't care about them! Hahaha!

  16. Hey!
    May I know where or how you printed those gorgeous looking cards?

    1. Designed the cards and printed them myself :)

  17. Did you plan any activities for your guests? I'm only 19 but seeing your post makes me excited to plan my 21st!! How much did you spend?

  18. Did you plan any activities for your guests? I'm only 19 but seeing your post makes me excited to plan my 21st!! How much did you spend?

  19. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hi Randy, ur birthday cake very nice! But how much does it cost?

    1. Hello,

      My cake is from The Patissier :) You can check out their website at

  20. jamie1:12 AM

    Hello! Really love your birthday concept!!How did u get the helium ballons into ur room! Did they delivery it there and fill it up on the room?? How did u get past security?

    1. Thank you :) Yup I did get someone to deliver to my room! The security didn't stop us though!

    2. Hey randy, I am trying to create a bd celebration for my gf for her 21st bd. Wondering what was the exact name of the suite and hotel , cause hor, I was not able to find a hotel that cannot even accommodate 30people with a 100sq feet at a cost of 900$ . Thank you.

    3. Hey randy, I am trying to create a bd celebration for my gf for her 21st bd. Wondering what was the exact name of the suite and hotel , cause hor, I was not able to find a hotel that cannot even accommodate 30people with a 100sq feet at a cost of 900$ . Thank you.

  21. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Hi Randy, is it Marina or Orchid Suites that you have booked?

  22. Anonymous4:35 PM

    How did u book the room? I tried calling and ask but they refuse to let me host the bday party in the suite.

  23. Anonymous1:54 PM


    May i know where you get the string with clip to clip on the Polaroid photo?

  24. Awww, what a wonderful birthday celebration. I like your 21st birthday ideas. Very creative and speaks fun! Happy Birthday!

  25. Hey randy, I am trying to create a bd celebration for my gf for her 21st bd. Wondering what was the exact name of the suite and hotel , cause hor, I was not able to find a hotel that cannot even accommodate 30people with a 100sq feet at a cost of 900$ . Thank you.

  26. Hi Randy,
    Would like to check if you mind sharing with me if what is the name of the MBS suite call? Sands suite or? Thanks. :)

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