Taiwan Trip (Day 2)

9:31 PM

Day 2 of our Taiwan trip! Read Day 1 here if you haven't!

Anyway, we checked out from Just Sleep Hotel (Lin Sen) and the managers there were super nice! They prepared something for both me and Ben!

Thank you Just Sleep Hotel! :D

After we checked out, we head over to Regent Taipei Hotel and met up with Peggy and Beth for lunch!

Regent Taipei Hotel is so pretty and grand! 

Peggy is the Public Relations and Beth is the PR director of Regent Taipei Hotel. They were both super super nice and friendly! :')

Throughout this entire trip, I kept telling Ben that I really like Taiwan people as they are all so helpful and polite! This is true story! After sharing this with my other friends, most of them agreed and said that they find Taiwan people really nice and polite too!

We had our lunch over at Azie Grand Cafe which is located inside Regent Taipei Hotel!

Love the atmosphere there! There will be live bands performing at night so its pretty awesome!

The Menu!

Some of the food that we ordered!

And more food! That's Peggy on the left! :)

My favorite would be this! Scallop fried rice!

Dessert is a must have after every meal haha!

We had a long good chat with both Beth and Peggy! They were really nice to us and I'm really grateful about it!

We also had a lot of common topics with Peggy because she actually studied in SMU as an exchange student in Singapore sometime back!

Thank you very much Peggy and Beth for everything! :)

With Ben and Peggy!

Do you realize Peggy looks like Suzy from Miss A? I really think so when I saw her! Hahahaha!

Anyway, we didn't get the chance to take a photo with Beth as she was pretty busy!


Took cab to Just Sleep Hotel (Xi Men Ding) afterwards as that is our 2nd hotel for our stay!

Me and Ben lol!

On cab!

Reached and Checked in to Just Sleep Hotel (Xi Men Ding)!

Their staffs are all so friendly!

Our beds! 2 Queen size beds!

There is a table where we used our laptops on during night!

Super cute corner to hang our clothes and stuff!

I think they have different designs for their rooms and its kinda cool!

Check out the doors behind me! There are 2 doors (1 is for shower and the other is the toilet bowl)!

Super nice!!!

Look at the super huge mirror! Love it!

Anyway, the cardigan that I'm wearing is from Jipaban! My favorite cardigan at the moment!!!

Ben and me!

We love our room!

Lol! He is pissed!

The room that we stayed in the Xi Men Ding branch is a bigger room as compared to the one we stayed in the Lin Sen branch.

Just Sleep Hotel (Xi Men Ding)'s location is really accessible! It's just nearby the train station!

Taipei's hot spot is Xi Men Ding and from the hotel its just walkable distance! Super convenient!

I really like the hotel we stayed in Xi Men Ding! Do read the Day 1 post to check out the stay we had in Just Sleep Hotel (Lin Sen)!

Visit Just Sleep Hotel website!


We took train back to the Sogo where we got our Porter bags because there is something wrong with Ben's Porter bag and he wanted to get an exchange for it.

However there is no stock there so we took train to Zhongxiao Dunhua (忠孝敦化) train station as there is an Porter outlet there!

At Zhongxiao Dunhua!

My dear brother finally looking happy after exchanging his Porter bag...

Went to have frozen yogurt while resting our feet!


The phone cover that I previously used for my iPhone 5!

Why is it always nice to take photos at other countries? Don't you agree? Lol.

One more!


Afterwards we took train to Shida Night Market! You can take train to Taipower Building train Station!

This is the first night market we went and it is definitely the best night market in my opinion!

We tried one of their "Bao" which is not very nice! Hahaha but a lot people are queuing for it!

We had this Mee Sua! This is not the famous "Ah Zhong Mee Sua" but it was really nice also!!!

I didn't try the "Ah Zhong Mee Sua" but I like this one!

I know you all focusing on his hair and not the mee sua right!

Tried a lot of other small bites as well!

I didn't take much photos because both of us were busy shopping! I really love Taiwan because all the clothes fit me so well! I'm really small size btw!


Bought about 6 tops for that day and some random stuffs!

Their Havaianas flip flops were only SGD 19 for the plain colors! It's authentic and cheap! :)

Went to buy some stuff from Watsons! Taiwan's Watsons is super huge and it's like a building with a few levels! Super cool!

Went back to our hotel, used laptop and slept at around 4am that day!

Do remember to check out Just Sleep Hotel! :)

and also Jipaban for your online shopping! :)


More entries to come!


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  1. cool hoyel you stayed in hahaha. i love taiwan as well! :)

  2. Cool and convenient hotel you stayed in!
    I love Taiwan as well! :)

  3. Anonymous7:20 AM

    How much is the hotel for a night?

    1. The hotel have different types of rooms. You can visit Just Sleep's website (www.justsleep.com.tw)

      The rates of the rooms will be there :)

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    How much is the porter bag?

    1. I can't remember the exact amount but it's $200+ sgd

  5. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Where did you get ur havaianas flip flops? :)