SECRET Live in Singapore 2013

9:27 PM

I went for SECRET's concert on Good Friday and I must say it was awesome! I've always liked them and I bought the Cat A tickets to catch them live! :)

The previous one I went for was Girls' Generation Concert which was held in 2011 with Ben! You can read the short entry here!

The photo that I posted on Instagram before I head out for the concert! You can see that my sun burnt is still there! Look at my forehead lol!


I was standing at the 3rd row from the front!

Woohoo! It's starting!

Spot Secret!

Think they were singing Madonna!

Introducing themselves to the fans!

Think this is my best shot of Zinger! My iPhone 5 quality is quite bad eh!

Waving goodbye to the fans! :)


Anyway, check out the 2 videos that I recorded using my iPhone 5! Watch it in HD!


Love Is Move


I really enjoyed myself!!! Love you Secret!!!


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  1. what a lovely blog! :)

    from Myxilog with love <3