#BenRanAway T-Shirt for Charity

3:48 PM

Hello everyone!

This is a proper entry to let you guys know more about the meet-up with me and Ben tomorrow!

As you know... Both Ben and I have decided to sell our very own #BenRanAway T-shirt and all the proceeds will go to Charity (Children's Society).

More info of the flea which will be happening tomorrow (2 June, Sunday):

Location: Zouk
Date: 2 June 2013, Sunday
Time: 11am - 6pm

Note: Please don't worry if you are underage and couldn't enter Zouk, cause there are no age restrictions :)


This is a collaboration with Ministry of Print as they will be helping us with the printing of the t-shirt! I've checked out the quality of the tee and the prints and its really good!

Thank you Ministry of Print! :)

We'll be selling the #BenRanAway T-shirt at $15. Do come down to support us!

Haha this logo was designed by me when we started out with our #BenRanAway youtube channel.


Spot me!

Other than me and Ben, there will be other bloggers there as well! You can come down to check out the items they are selling!

Jipaban will be having clothes buffet too!

Come come ok!


Hold on!

Thats not all! Other than selling the #BenRanAway T-shirt...

I will be featuring iPhone covers from blog store Cover My Bagel!

You can come down and take a look at all the pretty iPhone covers that you can find from their website!

Their pouches/covers ranges from $6.50 to $18!


I will be really excited to see all of you all there! Must come ok! See you guys tomorrow!


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  1. omg ran..where are u?are u in army now?I ve been going in and out of ur blog for quite few weeks d...where have u been missing?

  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

    hey randy, can you activate feeds for your blog? so we'll know when the next post comes. :)

  3. wow,it looks very cool.I like the t shirt.