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No matter who you are, what is your age, your occupation.. M1 has something that is meant for you!


So... you must be thinking.. How M1 listen and know what you want?

Basically, it is very simple!

M1 is holding a FaceBook contest called "M1 For Every One"

It is getting consumers like you to submit your own videos, saying what you enjoy on 4G.

Contest Duration: 15 Aug 2013, 0000 hours - 28 Aug, 2359 hours!

What do you have to do to join the competition? I will teach you in 6 simple steps!

Step 1: Like M1's Facebook Page to get access to the app!

Step 2: Find a large sheet of paper or whiteboard! The bigger the better! :D

Step 3: Get ready some markers!

Step 4: Write down what you love on 4G!

For me, I love 4G because I can use social media on the go!

This is what I wrote!

Step 5: Use your phone/camera to take a video of yourself saying what you enjoy on 4G!

You will then have to hold your paper, on the paper will be the text you wrote, saying what you enjoy on 4G!

I will be posting my video at the end of this entry so you can check out how can you do it! :)

Step 6: Submit your video on either Facebook contest page or Instagram (remember to hashtag #M1ForEveryone) and yay you are done! :D


5 winners will be selected and their videos will be stitched together into 1 winner's video, and it will be uploaded to the Facebook contest page!! I find the stitching of the videos really interesting and I'm quite excited to see what people have to say about 4G!

Participants whose videos gets featured will win:

Weeks 1 & 2: 5 x HTC One
Weeks 3 & 4: 5 x Samsung GS4


There will also be a lucky draw for everyone who submitted the video!

Check out the prizes!

Weeks 1 & 2: 10 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Weeks 3 & 4 : 10 x Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


The prizes are so attractive... and it is not really hard to join this contest at all!

By the way, this Facebook contest is open to everyone, you don’t need to be a M1 customer to be eligible! M1 is a telco that listens to its consumers needs and what they like as a user so tell M1 what you want now!


I'm joining this contest as well because I've so much to say about 4G!

I'm a Twitter and Instagram addict! I would always check my feeds to see if there are any new updates like once every few minutes! Moreover there is Instavideo now... I can upload my videos in a really fast speed because of 4G!

Not forgetting Facebook and Youtube! I like to watch videos when I'm on a long bus ride to school so the speed is very important to me! Imagine having to wait really long for the video to load... the feeling is very miserable!

I can also vividly remember there was this once whereby I wanted to post a photo on Instagram but it just takes forever to upload... With 4G now, there shouldn't be a problem!


Ok here is the video that I did!

Check out the contest and do join and let everyone know what you love on 4G! :)

M1 - The telco that gives you what you enjoy, and what you've always wanted.

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