DRx - Trichology Treatment

3:17 AM

Hair hair hair.

Yes I'm suffering from hair loss and I think its quite bad! :(

During December last year, Me and Ben went over to DRx to try out their Trichological treatment!

After a consultation session on my scalp and hair where our medical history are noted, we get to try out 1 session of the Trichological treatment :)

Did the DRx Purifying Treatment! It is a deep cleaning for the scalp!

Next, we get to do the DRx Laser Hair & Scalp Therapy.

It is an effective treatment using laser and other procedures to stimulate hair growth.

Ben doing laser hair & scalp therapy!

Anyway, it is a pity because I only get to try one session of the treatment. Sorry that I can't really show you guys the before and after as there is not much difference in my hair growth because it is not a one time procedure to see the results. Normally, it is a 6-12 month program which customise to fit your preference and needs!

Thank you DRx for the session :)

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