How to make your own home-made Macarons!

3:57 PM

Tried making some home-made Macarons the other day with my friends!

Here we go!

Ingredients and stuff needed:

1. Weighing Scale
2. 120g Almond Flour
3. 50g Sugar
4. Whip Cream
5. 200g Powdered Sugar
6. 3 Eggs
7. Food Colourings
8. Sifter


Lets start!

Firstly, weigh 120g of Almond Flour and sift it!

Do the same for the 200g of powdered sugar, sift and set them aside!

Next, for the 3 eggs, beat only the egg whites until its foamy!

After that, add in 50g of sugar and beat until the form is stiff!

Add in food colouring! I'm going for mint colour macarons! :D

 Add in the Almond Flour and powdered sugar that you sifted earlier on! Now gently fold in the ingredients!

Your batter should look like this when its done!

Transfer the batter to a pastry or ziploc bag!

Prepare a baking paper on the tray to begin!

You can pipe macarons onto the baking paper now! :D

Doing a good job uh haha

Remember to tap the tray on table to release air bubbles! Leave the batter to harden for 20 minutes and we're ready to put it in the oven!

Now bake for 20 minutes!

Meanwhile, going to make another set of red colour macarons!

Nice or what? Lol

Do the same thing, put it in the oven when its done!

Freshly out from the oven!!!!

Wait for it to cool down before you remove them from the baking paper.

Now for the frosting inside, we are going to use whip cream!

Pour a cup of whip cream into a bowl and also prepare another bigger bowl with water and ice to maintain the temperature.

Add a table spoon of sugar and mix them!

It should look like this :)

Putting the filling in!


Are you ready to see the outcome of the macarons?

(Taken from my iPhone)

The end product! Nice?


Do let me know if you try making the macarons as well!


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  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    it looks like you overmixed the batter! it shouldnt be so runny. it's rly hard to master this part so it okiedokes haha but the choice of color is rly pretty hehe

    1. Haha! Yah the first batch was too watery! I've to agree that it is really hard to master but thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Anonymous1:49 AM

    It wasn't overmixed! You didn't beat the egg whites till they are at stiff peaks. That's why they couldn't hold it's shape when you pipe.