My visit to IDS Clinic (Part 1)

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I don't have the best skin condition as I was growing up. I still remember having a bad pimple outbreak when I was 17 or 18, leaving many acne scars on my face. Now and then I still get pimples and it is something that frustrates me because it always leave marks behind on my face.

I visited IDS Clinic and had my first consultation with Dr S K Tan! I love the environment and the staff there especially Dr Tan, he is very nice and friendly towards his patients... I mean you would obviously like to go to somewhere you feel comfortable with right?

The place where I waited before going in for my consultation!

Ben was there for his review as well! His face condition improved quite a bit from his first session and I hope that it can help my facial condition too! It is nice to go to IDS together with him at least I won't feel bored haha #BenRanAway

Maybe the next time we can go with Peishi and Rachell for our review sessions!

Check out all the products at the side!

Went to have my face scanned and pictures taken before consulting Dr Tan!

Some of the facilities that IDS Clinic provides!

After talking to Dr Tan, I think my main problems would be my blackheads, acne scars, dark eye circles and my uneven skin tone. He said me that my problem isn't that big so I'm confident that he can help me improve my skin! :D

The staff there brought me into another room and taught me how to use the products given. The products given are actually based on your skin condition so everyone would be different. It will target on the areas that needs help!

Can't wait for my next review with IDS Clinic!

Also wanna thank Chester for bringing me around and letting me know more about IDS Clinic. I actually told him I don't really use any facial products and take care of my skin and he told me it is time to take care before it's too late lol!

1. Cleanser
- Cleanser for my face daily. It is gentle on dry and sensitive skin.

2. Facial Scrub
- It exfoliate dead skin cells and helps to clear out impurities.

3. Toner
- Minimize the appearance of pores which helps the complexion to look fresh and smooth!

4. Pore
- This targets pores by minimising excess oil production, thus reducing blackheads and whiteheads.

5. C Plus
- Skin repair for patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne.

6. Moisturizer
- My favourite would be this. I don't usually put moisturiser on my face but this is really food cause it doesn't make my skin oily yet increase the hydration. 

7. Sunscreen

Thats about it! Will blog about my progress with IDS Clinic. I hope to show you guys the difference through my blog posts! :) 


IDS Clinic
8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Center
#05-07 to 10
Singapore 307470

Tel: 6568 3555

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  1. Hi! I've always wanted to go see a dermatologist but I don't really know about the prices. How much is it for a checkup and subsequent treatments? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there. Thank you for the comment.

      You can actually make a call to IDS, quote my name and check out the price they give you :)

      It will be good to go down for a consultation before you decide if you want to carry on with the treatment!

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for the advice!