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If you've been noticing from my tweets, I've been visiting Philip Kingsley lately for my hair treatment! I'm actually suffering from hair thinning and hair loss at this age (I'm 23 btw). Personally, I think it is quite severe and I'm very excited because I get to do my treatment over at Philip Kingsley!

So for those who are suffering from the same issue or those who want to prevent hair thin/hair loss, do follow this page as I'll be updating frequently on my progress with Philip Kingsley! :)


Philip Kingsley is located at Palais Renaissance! For those who are not sure where the place is, it is just beside Orchard Towers!

Go up to level 3 and you can see Philip Kingsley!

The lady on the poster is Dr Leonica Kei! Philip Kingsley was launched by her and she is a highly qualified hair trichologist. I've also speaked to Dr Leonica on my condition and she was really keen in helping me! :)

The area where we do our hair treatment!


One of the trichologist, Rain is applying a cream that helps to stimulate blood circulation, deep cleansing and exfoliate the scalp. My scalp has this cool minty feel which I really like haha!

Steamer! Check out the cool smoke! ;)

After the steaming, I had a head massage and was put under this Infrared light to improve the blood circulation to better absorb the nutrients.

Still amazed by how this infrared light looks lol.

Shampoo time!

Scalp Tonic and Scalp Lotion was applied to my hair after the whole treatment. Had my hair blown dry and that was about it for the first session!

(L-R) Shampoo, Scalp Tonic and the Scalp Lotion. 

I've to apply the Scalp Tonic and Scalp Lotion respectively after shampoo and not forgetting to towel dry my hair before doing so.


This was taken on my second session for my treatment! I'm actually enjoying my hair treatment so far although there is no visible progress of hair growth yet (because it will take about 3-6 months to see the results). The staff here was really nice to me especially Emily and Rain! 

Do follow me on my progress with Philip Kingsley! You can call them and make an appointment if you are interested as well.


390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel: 6834 0988

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  1. I also have problems with my scalp. It looks like dandruff but it's something worse.. Sigh.. I think it's what caused my hair loss at one point... Too bad I can't visit Philip Kingsley 'coz I'm not from Singapore.

    Can't wait to see the results!