5:49 PM

Look what was delivered to my house the other day!

If you are someone like me who enjoys online shopping, you would definitely love Tate & Tonic!

The idea behind TATE & TONIC is to provide a shopping experience for men by combining the best aspects of physical retail (such as the human touch and the 'try before you buy' characteristic) with the convenience of eCommerce.

They ship to their customers a personalised selection of clothes on the basis of their online style profile, give them a few days to try them on at the comfort of their home and only charge them for the products they decide to keep.

I've create my style profile by telling them about my style preferences, measurements and budget. Here is my box and I can't wait to see what's inside!

They have stylists to hand-pick the items for you!

The good thing about this service is you get to try their hand-picked items in the comfort of your home and you only pay for what you keep.

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