Self-serving Kiosks

1:09 PM

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As we all grow older, it becomes really difficult to meet up with all our friends as everyone is busy with their stuff. Not long ago, I asked my friend, Jessie out for a simple dinner to catch up with our lives and we went over to McDonald's at JEM!

What I noticed when we reached there was these few self-serving kiosks! You can get to order food yourself which is really convenient! I was pretty excited as I haven't used one of these self-serve kiosk before so it's gonna be my first time!

In the beginning, I was kinda unsure if I know how to operate the kiosks but it was actually really user-friendly.

There are actually many people who are using these kiosks to place order for their food! For those who had already used the kiosk before, you should know how convenient and great it is!

This is technology is quite similar to those waiter who uses tablet to take your order at other F&B outlets!

Really like how high tech these kiosks looks!

Create your own burger! We actually get to choose and customise the buns, patty and toppings we want! It was quite fun to try as there are plenty got choices to choose from!

Jessie gonna build her dream burger haha! It's pretty easy to use and not forgetting the friendly staff is there to assist you if you have any problems.

My turn to make an order! Other than customising your own burger, you can also order the available existing menu as well!

Me and Jessie making our final orders! What I really like is I can get my food ordered correctly and faster when I'm with a large group of friends! Just imagine all your friends queuing up to place their order over at the counter as compared to ordering via the kiosks. This saves up a lot of time and greatly enhanced the overall dining experience!!

If you are taking of how to make the payment, it's really simple! You can either choose to pay cash at the counter or pay with your card/NETS!

Payment done! Grab a seat with the buzzer and wait for your meal be to serve to you! How convenient can it be?

The buzzer! Do display this on the table so they can locate you!

Our meals are here!

Jessie with her customised burger!

There is no doubt that in today’s world, technology is an important part of our lives and has a huge impact on the way we communicate, live, and work. This self-serve kiosk is definitely one of the pros of technology. I can foresee this technology is here to stay and many more F&B outlets will be carrying this type of service soon!

Cheers to this efficient innovation!

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