Luxe Scalp Specialist - Herbal Scalp Treatment

9:09 PM

I'm really excited to share this post because I've been doing scalp treatment with Luxe Scalp Specialist for the past few weeks!

I'm sure you guys have seen my Snapchat/Instagram stories on my hair treat progress all the time when I was there haha!

Do follow my journey with Luxe Scalp Specialist because I'll be posting more on my social media platforms too!

I went over to the outlet located at Yew Tee Point for a consultation with the specialist to have a review on my scalp condition.

Took a close up photo of my scalp which looks really bad! You can see the red patches which looks dry because my scalp is always itchy. I think this is also one of the reason why I'm suffering from hair loss too!

Ready for my scalp treatment!

Thank you to the friendly staff for taking good care of my hair! 

The treatment area!

After a hair wash!

Check out the herbal mask on my hair followed by 30 minutes of steaming to absorb the nutrients from the Chinese herbs!

I think what I really like about Luxe Scalp Specialist is that they believed in the perfect combination of massage using natural herbs. Unlike other products that are found in the market, they offer they very own formulated recipe specially concocted with premium herbs.

Not forgetting they smell really good too haha!

iPads were also provided if you want to watch any movies during the your scalp treatment. The overall experience was pretty comfortable.

After the last hair wash, I had a head massage with the hair tonic and was put under this Infrared light to improve the blood circulation.


Overall, the treatment was pretty good and I was already thinking of bringing my mum there to pamper herself. I will post more about it when the results are more visible!

Do check out their website below or call them if you want to make an appointment.


LUXE Scalp Specialist

Novena Square 2
Tel: 67020777

Tampines 1
Tel: 65551065

Yew Tee Point
Tel: 65091911

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