Paul Immigrations Reviews: How To Apply For Singapore PR

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Based on a recent survey, Singapore is one of the best place for expats to live and work in. Is it difficult to get a Permanent Resident (PR) here? With approximately 30,000 applications approved each year and only a stable population of just over 500,000 PRs currently, the process might be a little tough.

As a fellow Singaporean, I do come across a lot of friends and ex-colleagues who are constantly trying to get a Permanent Resident (PR). It always makes me wonder how does the process of getting a PR in our country works and is it as hard as what they claimed.  

Being curious about how this work, I decided to find it out myself and today I will be talking about how to apply for Singapore PR in a few easy steps! If you are someone who is thinking of relocating to our little red dot and apply a PR here, read along!

Why should you apply? 
Singapore PRs hold the key to benefits that are unattainable to non-citizens and non-residents. Opportunities like education, subsidised housing, better employment and more! Getting the PR promises stability which is important if you are thinking of relocating in Singapore.

Are you eligible to apply?
Before we start, you need to be eligible to apply for permanent resident status. Here are the categories:

- S Pass or Employment Pass holder
- Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR
- Unmarried children of a Singapore Citizen or PR below 21 years old
- Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen
- Student studying here
- Foreign investor residing here

All applications must be submitted online via ICA's e-service. It involves uploading and submitting relevant personal documents and a $100 as a processing fee which is then payable at the end.

How long does it usually take?
An application usually takes about four to six months to be fully processed. Some submissions may take longer. Having the right documents required within the time frame is very important and due to their strict policies, applications might face rejection if they don't meet the criteria.

For first-time applicants, you may be unfamiliar with the criteria required therefore resulting the it to be unsuccessful. To make the process a smooth and successful one, engaging an immigration consultancy firm can help you to get your PR more efficiently.

This is where Paul Immigrations comes in. The experienced and professional team can guide you and ensure that you submit only the necessary documents.

Even as a local Singaporean, I'm really thankful to know about the firm as now I can understand better on how getting a Permanent Resident (PR) here works. Getting to know how the work is done behind this to get the application successful. I can now share with my friends and colleagues who are looking at how to get it done but still can't seem to figure them out. Continue reading to find out more!

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How can they help?
Paul Immigrations is a consultancy firm that has all the comprehensive knowledge and expertise with a high success rate of over 15,000 satisfied clients. The team will guide and assist you throughout the entire process and also by sharing tips on how to make the submission and approval a successful one.
Below are the ways on how they will guide you:

1. Providing Key Insights and Advice
Application process might be tedious and complicated for applicants on a strict time frame. Paul Immigrations can help by providing tips and insights based on their expertise and experience with regards to the process.

2. Organise All The Necessary Documents
All applications must be submitted through ICA's e-service online portal. Do note that all required documents are needed and any missing documents can result in an incomplete application thus making the process unsuccessful. The $100 processing fee will also not be refunded. With the help of the professionals, you can ensure that no documents are left out before you make the submission.

3. Additional Documents To Support
The specialists will also help you prepare additional documents that includes letter of recommendations from your employer and this can set you apart from other applicants and increase your success rate.

4. Cover Letters
To stand out from the rest, the team will also help to create customised cover letters to make yours visibly noticed. This will increase your approval chances as well.

5. Guidance Through The Whole Process
For first-time applicants, you may have difficulty navigating the e-Service or the paperwork is too tedious for you. Reapplications may also be confused why their past applications was rejected. The team can help to guide you through the whole application process and ensure you a successful submission with no necessary documents being left out.

6. Save Time and Get It Done
Without the expertise of the team, trying to navigate the new e-service might be a hassle for you. The portal can be complex and you might just end up wasting your time on it. Consult the team and they will ensure to your make submission process seamless and efficient!


Paul Immigrations Reviews: What is the process like?

Step 1: Interview via Phone Call
First round of interview will be conducted via a phone call to ascertain the eligibility. Information like type of work pass, family ties with any Singapore Citizen, etc. will be gathered. Followed by a profile assessment.

Step 2: In-Person Appointment
In-person appointment will be made to confirm the correct physical work pass that you are holding. Upon which, specialist will advise on the service they can provide to improve your chances on getting the approval.

Step 3: Request for Documents
You will be requested to submit your documents either by scheduling a meeting or via email.

Step 4: Completion of the PR Application Paperwork 
Completion of documents, forms and cover letter will done to emphasise your commitment to the community and society.

Step 5: Submits PR Application 
Once application is completed, the team will proceed with the online submission.

Step 6: Outcome
ICA takes about four to six months and depending on the outcome, specialist will advise and guide the next step to take.

Sounds too good to be true? Why waste your precious time and fret about how to get the PR when you can have a team of professionals by your side giving your guidance. So for those who are still thinking on how to efficiently apply, you might just want to consider engaging a professional like Paul Immigrations. If you are unsure, you can take a look at the reviews of the satisfied users on their website.

Do click here to find out more or you can reach them at +65 6206 6390.

They are located at Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03, Singapore 038989
Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 6.00pm (By Appointment Only)

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