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Hey hey ! Well, comp haven't repair yet and now. . . USING MY BRO'S LAPTOP AGAIN! weee.

The first day of school was f***ing sucky for me. my hair was kena caught by miss sally sng, our discipline mistress or whatever? she asked me to go to the canteen. well, some of my friends were caught too. but they ran away. i thought of running away too leh. but she saw me walking away and she shouted : ''RANDY! DON'T GO SO FAR. SIT DOWN.'' and well, i sat down. i saw her talking to a malay girl because she dyed her hair. i was looking at ms sng and she looked back! then she said this to the malay girl : '' wait ar, i go cut my favourite boy's hair '' i was like. . . please. . not me not me. . . BUT it was me -__- she cut my fringe, back of my hair and side burn. she was telling me jokes but i seriously don't think it was funny at all. =x she cut until one side got sideburn, the other side dun have and somemore got a hole. what the hell ? after the reading session, i immediately took a plaster out from my wallet and paste it on my sideburn. hmm, it was a cow plaster. i didn't took picture of it because i was damn pissed. for your info, my fringe was straight now ='(

The second day of school, i didnt go. =D instead i went out. i was wearing a cap and a yellow plaster on my side burn. it was a snail with 2 leave or rather flower on it ? hmms, think i attracted lots of attention from the crowd in the train =x

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plaster for day two (:

Hmms, third day of school, I WAS LATE ! LOL. i was unlucky again. Ms merduwati, another disipline mistress caught me wearing coloured contact lens and insisted on taking off my plaster. i asked her to call my mum. LOL. i told her i've got a cut =x hehe. actually, she was sending me home but she did not.

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plaster for day three (;
plaster provider : cheryl
plaster kind : blue colour with pigs, turtle, snail. . etc.

TODAY! the forth day of school ! i was no longer UNLUCKY ! guessed what. bought a new pair of clear lens. didnt got caught at all. weeeeeee.

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my contact lens (:

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plaster for day four (:
plaster kind : orange colour with snail and 2 flowers -.-

okay, went back home with wenjun and bought sweet talk =D and i went to buy 8DAYS and PLASTER ! haha

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well, sorry for those who asked me to update. hmms, thanks fitri for coming to my blog everyday! and wenjun. and others too ! hope that my comp will repair soon. miss me. bye !

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