6:47 PM

Okay, This post i wont post any pics. Just words.

The thing i'm saying AGAIN and AGAIN is my comp is still spoiled =/ Thanks to BENbro again (:

Last friday, school ended at 12pm. Went to Causeway with Jocelyn to watch Just my luck. Quite nice ! ahya, Jocelyn your dream fulfill liao hor ? =D

Monday, 10/07/06
I. .. .. .. Okay, nvm. NO one can understand me. I was caught by Vice principle. AGAIN ?! yes, again. she say my hair was very long. can you believe it ? rmb the post below ? one of the discipline mistress cut my hair. REMEMBER ? hais. what the hell ? =/ And the new co-form teacher.. why is she like this ? she every thing also wanna care. She even complain to Vice principle that my plaster had been on my head for 3 weeks ! I told her to call my mum. I dun care. I was already very fed up. Just dunno why i so suay lar ?! WHY hur !

And i went to cut my hair after school. Like my new hair cut more. =/

Had a POA test also. Can pass =D and went to Westmall with Jocelyn and Sean see phone cause sean wan buy new phone =/

Tuesday, 11/07/06
After school went to Westmall with Sean and Jingyuan. Went to watch SUPERMAN ! nice show BUT boring. haha. i fall asleep =/ after that went to eat wth sean then go meet my mum and daddy (:

bought 8DAYS too. NICEST 8DAYS EVER.

TODAY ; Wednesday 12/07/06
Yawn. After school, Maths paper two test. It was easier then paper one. In my opinion. Hope can get good good good marks lor. HAHAA. i got STUDY one !

after that, went to lot one with yewaik, zongwei, jingyuan, michelle. AND GO HOME.

oh ! WENJIE is calling me to chat later. MISS HIM MY PRI SCH BEST FRIEND. (: btw. he grow really tall liao =D

anticipating for my hair to grow.
still loving my lovely plaster.
Phy test tmr.
lots of test.

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