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3:45 PM

Hey hey. kinda got back our results for the common test thing? and i'm really surprised for my maths lar. even ms tan think that it was really unexpected lar =x

E maths - How it is calculated..
1.Common test - 50/50 { 25% }
2.Mock paper - 93.5/100 { 25% }
3.Class test - 30/30 { 30% }
4.Class test - 16/20 { 20% }
; overall - 94/100

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Btw, i bought a levis specs lar =/ and also went out with hex today. hmm, went to eat fish and co. and swensen. woo. it was fun. LOL. oh ya! i cut-ed my hair too. its kinda -.-


MED: whats up with my hair? LOL. WENJUN: u can get first for the photography competition de lar. anyways. i m not sure whether i wanna go with u all leh =/ ZUL: well, our school think that our uniform sucked. CHRIS: yeah yeah, PEPPER LUNCH LAA. MRGAY: dun squeeze my cutie butt can! XINYI-HYSS: thanks for taggin. anyways, i love to act cute can! STEPH: thanks for the song jie. SUHAILAH: relinked u already. anyways, dun get jealous. and pls tell fatin stop bullying me!! JASMINE // JOCELYN: thanks for the tag. FLAMING SOUL: hey. u tagged me LI DONG~ WEIKANG: ohh. u are weikang from my class? lols. DEMO: well, pls dun spread the secret of who is mrgay and mrsgay =x shh. JOJO: miss yar too (;

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