Online Games. LOL

2:16 PM

Hello people ! I'm staring at this posting page for so long and I don't know what to update about. LOL. Anyways this week, me and Jasmine went to try out to sell those christmas deco which isnt really that easy lar -.- we went to gateway there de office which we cant even go in. =P we also went to shops asking which all rejected -.- i was like so $^&%*$%## =D hahas. We went home without selling anything. LOL. we also went to take neoprint =D

anyways Jasmine is really good in selling lar. she sold almost all le. anyone wanna buy Christmas deco from me ? CONTACT ME OKAYS!! =D

I dunno what to post lar so i'm going to post screen shots from the online games i played =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me and my gf. LOL. jk lar. ME AND CHRISTINE :DDD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
HABBO (: me and JOHN

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Andrea, John and MEEE =p

that time i played habbo till 5am in the morning lar -.- with John and Andrea -.- OMG (:

ohya, i told WENJUN something =D i only told her. CAUSE SHE MY BUTTY MAH ! haha

DEMO: haha. so happpy u are first ar ? lols. MDM GAY: yar, i know that. lols. WENJUN: lols. your blog is cool too. JASMINE: lols. thanks for all the tags. hmms, see u are in my post :D JOEL: yeap. updated again lols. u wan my blog skin ? no!! haha. AILIN: lols. thanks! JOHN: lols. thanks anyways. u lie u never update one. CHAR: lols. what! u this insane girl. lols. anyways. thanks for tagging. see ya next year in school. LOLs. STEPH: lols. thanks. JIDAN: no~ so sad. its like JINGYUAN. lols. JUZ: heyhey u are finally back at my blog. lols. MR GAY: lols. i dunno. XIAOSHARON: lols. thanks for taggin !! MEDXX: welcome! and nth secretive lar. lols. TAYXINGWEI: lols thanks. BENTOH: update liaos. WENWEN: thanks for the tag! =D: thanks. anyways who are you? lols. SUHAILA: haha. i m small bully. u then big bully anyways thanks. DARYLENE: thanks ya!

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