Jacelyn Tay

8:41 AM

I think its time for me to update lar -.- SOOOO long never update already. Anyways, the holidays are going to be over soon and again I'm going to wake up early to go to school ! BUT the thing is .. I haven't done a single homework yet. I'm serious. I'm like everyday wake up then if got laptop use then use from morning to night. LOL. if don't have laptop use, then watch tv, eat and sleep. my usual routine for the holidays is sleep till 4pm in the afternoon. LOL. =x but today a bit weird, dunno why i wake up at 6.30am in the morning. A bit dizzy liaos. maybe going back to sleep later. Anyways, I didnt play MAPLE that much now cause WENJUN went to korea. abit sians without her.


I have so much to tell everyone but i dunno where to start. LOL. oh ya! the STAR AWARDS thing ! WHY JACELYN TAY DIDNT GET INTO THE TOP 10 MOST POPULAR FEMALE ARTISTES AWARD ?! I'm like so -.- when she didnt get in. I LOVE JACELYN TAY <33
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okay, i also haven't bought books for my next year 2007. was waiting for WENJUN to be back from KOREA then go buy with me. HOPE SHE WONT PS ME -.-

ohya. the christmas deco thing i still cant sell. USELESS LAAA -.- OKAY LAA. SHALL END HERE. SIAN DAO ~

DARYLENE: haha. thanks. CHRIS: ya. nice right ? MED: zzz ? WENJUN: yo ! I MISS YOU VELY MUCH =D lols. JOEL: thanks and ya i saw your update. ZONGWEIIS: thanks thanks. u too. JASMINE: actually posting the pic but i look retard so never post lee. lols. JOHN: thanks. XINGWEI: haha. yea. HUIJUN: ya i play maple too but too bad we different server. MABEL: haha thanks and take care too. DEMO: whats there to scream ? =D BENTOH: dunwan tell you LOL. and i updated. SHUT ! WENYAN: thanks. CHAR: dun hoot my ass hor insane girl.

brrr~ so little tags to reply. LOL. =x

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