I need a miracle.

1:45 AM

Hey people. Mid year is finally OVERRRR ! :D A really bad thing happened to me recently. I've found out that my A3 layout paper for DNT is gone! Which means all my research @ Science centre, part of my ideation, survey and the 20pictures that teacher printed for me will be all GONE! ): all my hard work gone down the drain? I've searched my entire house and i couldn't find it. NOW MY ONLY HOPE IS THAT IT WILL BE IN SCHOOL. If its not in school, i really don't know what to do lah. SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW OKAY.

So on Monday, will be getting back all my results for Mid year. NOCOMMENTS =/

I SHALL NOW NAME ALL THE TAGGERS WHO TAGGED FOR ME! Its been so long since i did that! :D

JocelynSEOW, Victor, Chrystal, Lienching, Cheryl, Daziree, Huizhi, Singyin, Xinhui, Huixian, Michelle lee, Joel, Helmi, Wenjun, Jingyuan, Shiying, Yewaik, Xinhui, Zongwei, Passerby, Zul, Catherine, Ailin, Suhaila, Benjamin Toh, Jenjen, Huijun, Lidong, Wenyan, Nathasha, Unknown, Esther, Qihui, Hayaya, Fadhilah, Cassandra, Yunling, Medaleine, Joley, Jovina, Xingwei, Cecilia, Andee, Jasmine, Ain, Alice, Edmund and Kimberly!

Anyways, Do visit my brother's blog @ http://typicalben.blogspot.com
Its very interesting lah. Just go and SEEE. Must go ar!

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