I'm back :D

9:44 PM

Hello people, I'm really sorry. Recently was really busy with my 'O' level DNT stuffs but it's finally over ! Yesterday we stayed back in school till around 11.00pm. & YES! handed up both my artefact and folio. Actually i was done at around 5plus but i stayed back to help and also play there. ahaha :D today didn't went to school cause i'm too tired ! :D

And, thanks to my brother for updating for me. Now, The reveal of the answer. Thank you people for the emails. Ahaha. I did went to read the answer but i think some of you were wrong or I don't understand what you're trying to say.. but its okay! I'll still thank you at the end of my post ! :D So now, The recap of the Question.

People involved : Me, Ahpek & Ahsoh.

I borrowed $50 from Ahpek and $50 from Ahsoh, Which means now i have $100. I went to buy a shoe which cost $97 and i'm left with $3. I then gave $1 to Ahpek and i still owe him $49. I then also return $1 to Ahsoh and I also owe her $49. The reminding $1 i kept it. NOW, if you add the money that i owe Ahpek & Ahsoh $49 + $49 = $98. & the $1 that i kept. The total is $98 + $1 = $99. Where has the another $1 gone ?

& Now, the answer, Check if you're right!

So are you right? I think the answer is logic bah. If you don't understand, its okay. There is alot funny answers that i saw in my tagboard ! Like answer having : Is the $1 with me? I kept the $1? The shoe has got GST? You stole the $1 & bought 10 seaweeds? 50cents is lost in each shoe? Or you're simply too lazy to read the question. AHAHAA. okay okay thank you all for the effort and trying to answer. I love you all.

Next, My DNT 'O' level artefact that i promised to show you guys.
Well, my artefact was a device to crush drink cans.

The front view.

The back view. Where you can place your drink can inside and the cam with rotate with the wheels to crush the drink can.

The side view. & ya, Open the cover/lid infront to store the crushed can inside. :D

I'm Proud of my work. LOL =.-

The Folio which made me had sleepless nights.


& Tmr, there is class bbq at maybe pasir ris. I'm still deciding whether i want to go or not.

Okay, Finally. Thanking people time. People who tagged & Emailed me. :D

Helmi. Nathasha. Rachel Madpartner.
Felise. Catherine. Jolinda.
Typicalben. Yunlonq. Sherena.
Rahayu. Estherr. Beier. Jingyuan.
Huiwen. Sean. Chrystal. Benjamin Teo.
Hayaya. Lidong. Daziree. Hello!.
KyreneTan. Miss Teo. Wenjun. Yewaik.
Michellelee. Passerby:D. Angie.
Vivian. EstherEE. -. Shallyne.
Fatin. demetria-passerby. Huizhi.
Ammar. [B]ABEY[G]URL. :]. Anon.
Jacklyn. Jessica. Esther'.
-. Michelle. Stars. Hilary. Edison.
AmirahDory. Singyin. Passer,. UNKNOWN.
Vennesa. mrM. Esther[:. Lienching.
DotCom. Cy. Joel. Zn. Greentea. Spammer.
jj. Qihui. Huiying. Steph. zhengNING `.
season seaweed. Jolene Ang. huiling wong.
& beloved crazy.

Thank you very much. :D & there is someone asking what grade i get for my Mother tongue 'O' level, i got an A2 with merit for Oral. :D


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