Class BBQ !

7:51 PM

Hello All. Last saturday went to pasir ris cause there was this class bbq thing. ahaha. Let the pictures flood this post :D

Nami, Me and Fatin. <3

Fatin & me.

Michelle ! :D

Fatin, me and Jy !

I really do love my sis. ahaha :D

Nami nami nami. :D

Us again !

Fadhilah & me.

He is my CEO. I'm his Boss. :D

Went to rent bicycles and the auntie gave me all this light sticks. AHAHA.

Okay, us again =.- !

Me & Lidong.

Okay, The bbq was fine lah. Anyways, sorry for this anyhow update ahaha. Anyways, tomorrow will be going to Singapore Discovery Centre because Qihui had 4 free tickets. ahaha. Hayati, Qihui, Sean, Jessie and me will be going.

and yup, this september holidays we need go back to school almost everyday. So tired!

** my handphone's camera was down so I'm going to send my phone to service by this week. Which means I can't take pictures and cannot update my blog with pics. ahaha but nevermind lah, very fast one. :D

& I want to thank my brother for giving me the Ipod shuffle :D I LOVED IT. AHHHHHHHHH.

Thanking people time. :D

Fatin. Kyrenetan. Joel. Qihui.
Huizhi. Michelle lee. Esther EE.
Yunlong. Angie. Wee keong.
Demetria. Esther[:. Kuchigu.
Qiupeng. Edmund. Guest.
Missteo. Chrystal. Wenjun.
Samiah. Lienching. Gaven.
Catherine. Helmi. Hayaya.
Felise. Jeslin. Sherry. Xiaoling.
Michelle. Dajieda. Aida. Yewaik Sexi.
Anon. Lidong. [B]ABEY[G]URL.
Charlotteh. Mitchell. Daziree. Beier.
Huiwen. Stranger & Passerby.

THANKYOU. BYEBYEEEE :D and.. sorry for the low quality pictures. ):

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