Singapore Discovery Centre!

3:30 AM

Heyhey. Look at the time! Its 3.30am! ahaha. I somehow felt guitly for not updating the Singapore Discovery Centre outing I had with my friends so I decided not to sleep and update. Aahhaa. Later morning still got school leh. I'm very noble right. :D :D

Okay, but the update for the outing is really late lah cause it happened on 6 September! Ahahaa.

That day morning met at Yew tee mac and had our breakfast.

Then Hayati went to the washroom.

Okay, then we headed to SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE! took train, then followed by bus.. and before we went in, we saw many COWS outside Singapore Discovery Centre! Then took pictures with them lah.

and we also took pictures here.

It goes like this. C5, B4, B3, A2 and A1 For our 'O' level Mother tongue results. ahaha.

after all the picture taking, we went in lah. Then we went to this SDC news thing. Its really cool which we could report news!

We're on TV!!!

And we also played many stuffs but didn't took pictures. ahaha. so after that we went to watch one 3D and also one 2D show.

After that all of us went to the Nursing room? :D ahaha. Its like we went alot places but i really could not recall already.

Jessie and me :D

WE WENT TO EAT AT AROUND DON'T KNOW WHAT TIME! LOL. We went to eat this pizza which is so expensive and small which provide plastic plates and WITHOUT knife and fork!

We then went to watch RATATOUILLE at there. Its half price only. $3.50! :D

Okay, this pic is so cute right. AHAHA !

and before we left there, there is this notice board where you can write your compliments to Singapore Discovery Centre! All of us wrote something!

Ok lah, Let me show you.

Can see?

:D ahaha!

And i heard that it is 30+ days to 'O' levels. ITS LIKE SO FAST?! OMG.
Ohya and also Happy Birthday to Jiazhi on 14/9 and Sean on 15/9. AHAHA MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING. :D


Demetria. Felise. huijunakazhongshireader.
Kyrenetan. EstherEE. Rahayu.
Wenjun. Huiwen. Helmi. Yunlong.
Michelle Su. Joel. Fatin.
Sherry. Jason. Naz. Alice.
Edmund. Unknown. Chrystal.
Typicalben. Passer,. Passerby.
Nathasha. Kimberly. Michelle lee.
unknown. Yewaik. Rachel Madpartner.
Koko. Lidong. Zn. Tayxingwei.
Shallyne. Catherine. Ailin.
Jessie psz. Grandmother. Qihui.
Justina. Steph. Angie. Sean.
Fadhilah. Passerby. Ollie.
Daziree. Namirah. .....
[B]ABEY[G]URL. Zhanying. Junrong.
Reens. Yongan. Guest. Marie.
Jaslin(Passerby). JENJEN & Cheryl Tiah! :DDD

Thanks. Bye i'm off! Gotta go sleep, later got school. ahaha!

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