My phone is back from service !

5:25 PM

HELLOOOOOO ! my phone is back from service and err. I'm very happy ahaha. Today i went to school for my Combined Science paper 1 prelim and didn't went to take for the POA paper 2. I somehow gave up on POA already & probably not taking it for my 'O' level. Hmm, a absent grade. & Instead after the Science paper, I went to service my phone at Cathay with my mummy :D Okay, we had a very long wait there till 4pm and finally i got back my phone.

anyways, Hayaya has yet to send me the Singapore Discovery Centre outing pictures so i shall update when she send me the pics. Okay, i have to go now. byebye! :D oh & I shall do all the thanking on next post okay? :D

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