One day after school..

4:24 PM

That is not Superman! S stands for Short. AHAHAHAH ! Okay, that was not done by me. Imagine You and your friends play play then push push and you fall down. Then bye bye to you already. ahaha.

Okay, this is really random. 'O's is here ! :D ahaha. This is going to be a short post.

Still want to thank..

Hayaya. Joels. Ing. Marie. HQH.
Felise. Sherry. Fatin. Yunlong.
Lidong. Catherine. Chrystal.
雪児. Wenjun. Shirley. Angie.
Benjamin Teo. Justina. Kyrenetan.
Huijun. Huiwen. Edison. EstherEE.
Cheryltiah. Daziree. Passerby*.
Weekeong. Michelle lee. Passerby--.
Mandy. Typicalben. Xiaocrap.
Sh. Nathasha. Erica. Jr.
& Wenjun.

Bye. Good luck to all who are having examinations now. :D

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